In recent years, gadgets that are designed to help people take care of their own health are increasingly appearing on the market of “smart” home appliances including smartphones.

This review contains the most curious specimens of this increasingly popular family. They should pay attention to all that is not indifferent to their own health and the health of their loved ones.

At Emsgadgets you will find more and more health gadgets. Some Techs to trend in 2019? Let’s see.

1. Digital Neck Therapeutic Massager

Digital Neck Therapeutic Massager is a versatile neck massager. It is suitable for people suffering from osteochondrosis, those who are concerned about old injuries, and those who spend a lot of time at the computer. The device allows for “magnetic therapy”, which will be especially useful for vascular disease. Before using the massager, you need to get medical advice.

Digital massager
Digital massager smart gadget

2. Aum Cardiovascular

The innovative Aum Cardiovascular device entered the market in 2016 and is designed to diagnose coronary arteries without invasive intervention. Simply put, this smart health gadget allows you to check at home whether the risk of heart attack is high. It is enough to attach the gadget to your chest and hold it for about 20 minutes. After that, the collected data is sent to the network diagnostic centre, and a little later, the user’s smartphone will receive an answer about the results of the test.

Cardiovascular device smart gadget
Cardiovascular device

3. Quell

Pain is one of the natural reactions of the human body to the corresponding stimuli. Sometimes pains in fractures or caused by other factors can be a real problem. The Quell neurostimulator, which is mounted in the place where the person is in pain, will help solve it.

Pain stimulator

4. Stethee

People without special medical training can hardly make out their health or heartbeat by diagnosing their state of health. Solve this problem will help the “smart” electronic stethoscope Stethee, which will put the appropriate “diagnosis”. However, it is not worthwhile to harbour illusions, Stethee will only allow understanding whether or not it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Smart stethoscope

5. Flow Health Hub

Flow Health Hub is a real home laboratory that allows you to do the most popular urine and blood tests at home. A smart device will determine the level of sugar, diagnose the development of the disease and the likely health risks. Stuck is not the cheapest, but very useful.

6. Philips BlueControl

Psoriasis is an extremely unpleasant disease. So Philips has released a device called BlueControl, which allows you to get rid of the symptoms of this disease with the help of 40 blue LEDs. The device works very simply – to fix in a problem place on the body and turn it on. In 12 weeks, approximately 50% of the existing psoriatic plaques can be eliminated. Of course, the device does not cure the causes of psoriasis. The main advantage of the device is that it is absolutely safe.


7. CarePredict

The smart health gadget, which entered the market in the fall of 2016, resembles a fitness tracker, but in fact, it’s intended to monitor the elderly. It consists of a bracelet and a base, which is hung on the wall. The gadget allows you to monitor heart activity, pressure, as well as the location of the person, allows you to determine his posture in space, and also tells you if the person, for example, has lost consciousness or if he has become ill.

CarePredict smart health gadget

All these above mentioned smart health gadgets are very effective and also we have an article

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