For all airtel users, this is a list of Airtel data subscription codes. Emsgadgets has a lot of Airtel subscription codes to help you easily subscribe to any Airtel data plan of your choice.

Here, are a list of the Airtel daily subscription codes, weekly subscription codes, monthly subscription codes, cheap subscription codes, heavy data subscription codes, also the midnight subscription codes, 4G codes and their prices.

Airtel Daily & Weekly Subscription Codes

Duration Data Size Amount in Naira USSD Code
1 day 20MB 50 Naira *141*50#
1 day 75MB 100 Naira *141*100#
3 days 200MB 200 Naira *141*200#
7 days 350MB 300 Naira *141*300#
14 days 750MB 500 Naira *141*500#

Airtel Monthly Subscription Codes

Duration Data Size Amount in Naira USSD Code
30 days 1.5GB 1000 *141*1000#
30 days 2.5GB+1GB 1500 *141*1500#
30 days 3.5GB 2000 *141*2000#
30 days 4.5GB+1GB 2500 *141*2500#
30 days 5.5GB+1GB 3000 *141*3000#
30 days 7.5GB+2GB 4000 *141*4000#
30 days 10GB+2GB 5000 *141*5000#
30 days 25GB 10000 *141*10000#
30 days 40GB 15000 *141*15000#
30 days 60GB 20000 *141*20000#

To check Airtel Data balance, dial *140#

For Airtel midnight browsing, dial *312# and follow the procedures.

Airtel Social Plans

Of course, Airtel has social bundles for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram. These plans are usable for a specified number of days.

For Whatsapp chatting, dial *948*4# to get 10MB for 1 day with just 25 Naira. This is for only chatting.

For free access to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, dial *991*1# to get 40MB for 1 day with just 50 Naira. Also, you can get 80MB with 100 Naira when you dial *668*3# and this will last for 5 days. Another one is getting 600MB for 300 Naira that will last for 25 days, just dial *688*1#

For Instagram, 100 Naira can buy 250MB for 1 day at *141*105# and also 200 Naira can buy 1GB for same 1 day, just dial *141*205#. This bundle is only for Instagram.

Airtel 4G Codes

Do you also have Airtel 4G SIM? Okay, we’ve got some Airtel USSD codes for you too. Dial *141*9999# to get 30GB for 30 days, again dial *141*19999# to also get 80GB for 30 days. This is strictly for Airtel 4G Network.

Did you notice that all the codes have the amount for purchasing the data? So that’s predictable right? There’s also, Airtel whooping data bundles, MTN Data Codes, and Glo cheap Subscription codes. 


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