X-connect Magnetic Tip Charger by ASAP

ASAP X-connect magnetic tip charger is another of many chargers to look out for. This is the first magnetic tip charger technology ever made and more should be expected.

Technology is growing every day, and am pretty sure you are loving it. Has this ever come to your mind? NO, I don’t think so. I mean, a kind of charger with a magnet.

ASAP has put another eye-catching charging technology on the market, this time around is the X-connect magnetic charger. This charger is made with a strong magnet that can hold about 33% of the weight of a phone.

Imagine if you don’t have to imagine charging your phone on magnets, that’s technology. Am sick of flipping my cables back and front just trying to connect it on the right part.

So now, what is the features of this ASAP X-connect charger and what makes it so special?

Check it out.

ASAP X-connect magnetic charger will make you locate your charging point so easy and fast even when you don’t look at your device.

It can also save you from some incident like when you are charging your phone and someone mistakenly or intentional pulls your charger out with force. No panic because only the wire will be pulled out and you can stick it in back. That’s amazing, right?

Features of ASAP X-connect Magnetic Charger

  • It is made of 18,000 gold plating
  • 1.2M Nylon braided cable
  • 23 AWG copper-tin alloy wires
  • Aluminium shield
  • Neodymium magnets
  • A protection circuit board.
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Wow, so all these features in just a charger? Are you not amazed because I am and do you think it should be among the top trending technologies of 2019?

But not everyone can get the taste, so bad.

It works only on Type-C devices, Micro USB and on Apple devices like the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPad and iPad mini. Tested on Samsung Galaxy A70

Price of ASAP X-connect Magnetic Charger

The price of this charger varies, but you can get it within the range of $15 and $20.

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