Automatic changeover switch with timer

Automatic changeover switch with timer is an improvement in the modern technology. This will give you freedom of turning off the generator when there’s a grid power supply (EEDC).

This device is produced for a smart and simple living condition to reduce the risk of electrocution on the cost of buying fuel by switching to EEDC supply automatically at your comfort. Those who wish to achieve a 24/7 power can achieve this with the application of an automatic changeover switch.

Infographics on automatic changeover

Key descriptions

  • Automatic changeover switch with a timer will change the power supply from generator set to grid supply (ie. EEDC supply) and then stops your generator set without allowing your home appliances to lose power.
  • This automatic changeover switch with a timer allows you to start and stop your generator from the comfort of your room. Generator starts itself automatically according to the time set by you.
  • In addition, this helps in saving fuel, due to its ability to know when there’s grid supply (ie. EEDC supply), it turns off the generator and automatically switches to the grid supply.
  • It has timer options that allow you to set the time that you want your generator to start and stop. This is fantastic, imagine when you set time on your automatic changeover switch, coming back from work, you don’t need to bother yourself going to start your generator.
  • This device increases your level of comfort and places you at no risk of electrocution. Sometimes going to turn off the generator can result in electric shock either by torching the wrong part of the generator or coming in contact with naked wires.

Price of automatic changeover switch

The price of this device varies as the sizes, and there are three sizes.

Lowest size sales at #10,000 Nigeria Naira

Medium size sales at #15,000 Nigeria Naira

Big size (three-phase connection) sales #30,000 Nigeria Naira.

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