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For an average Nigerian, the use of Laptops is beyond the features, it is more about the brand. The reason why some laptop brands sell more than others is basically that their quality is outstanding. Most popular brands tend to sell more, although some unpopular laptop brands in Nigeria perform well also. Now let’s talk about the best and most widely used laptop brands in Nigeria, which makes them stand out, and why users like their quality.

1. Apple

Apple Laptops popularly called MacBook has been the best laptop brand in the Nigerian market for close to a decade. Apple Laptops have an exceptional display, excellent audio quality and other unique functions. Contrary to what most Nigerian users think it is easy to use an Apple Laptop although their price scheme is High. The Apple laptop, with its unique product features, is said to be worth the cost.

Every laptop professional that has ever made use of an Apple laptop will confirm that this laptop brand is perhaps one of the most innovative the world has seen. Apple laptops are well known to meet various needs such as programming and entertainment.

2. HP

HP has grown to be a widely used device in over 150 countries and used by billions of people. HP, founded by two Stanford University graduates, William Hewlett and David Packard. HP is an acronym for Hewlett Packard.

HP is arguably one of the best and most used laptop brands in Nigeria.

The HP laptops are impressive in terms of their quality, designs and affordability that range across different classes of users. The HP brand is durable, their price range is fair and the battery capacity is satisfying.

3. Lenovo

Most Nigerian laptop users know that Lenovo is the world’s third-largest personal computer company. Lenovo laptop is gradually becoming a popular brand, accepted and extensively used by Nigerian. They are also lasting and compatible for business purpose. They offer an appealing display at prices other brands can’t afford to sell for.

An attestation to the quality of Lenovo laptops is the fact that they are the most used laptops in aboard space shuttles. This means that their brand must have been tested thoroughly before being certified to be used in aboard space shuttles.

4. Dell

The Dell brand offers quality computer manufacturing and design that is awesome. A lot of users debate that Dell’s price is far better than that of HP. The functions, durability and features attract large patronage in Nigeria, However, till date, Dell continues to battle Lenovo laptops and HP laptops for a place in the Nigerian market.

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Dell Company, founded by Michael Dell in 1984. It is one of the most popular and successful laptop brands in Nigeria. If you need an efficient and strong laptop with a good warranty and are running on a tight budget, Dell is a recommended brand for you.

5. Asus

steadily, Asus kept releasing top quality laptops that suits the needs of the Nigerian market over the years. Asus is also known as Asustek Corporation limited. It is a Taiwanese product.

The Asus brand offers good quality laptop although their laptops are not so popular as Apple, HP, Lenovo and Dell. If you are using an Asus brand you are on the good side of using a laptop with Interesting product feature function. However, the downside to this product is that their repair rate is expensive because it is difficult to get their hardware parts when you need to repair.

Let us know your preferred laptop brand not listed here.

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