Tech Review On DU App For Androids (Best Battery Saver)

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Before writing this article, DU App has been tested and overviewed. What is DU and what functions have it? That’s the first question that comes in mind when mentioned, right? Yes. Not an acronym but a full-fledged name was given to DU, an app that controls and maintains the workability of your smart devices like Android phones.

DU is actually the best battery manager app, now used by over 400 million people. The app that tells what consumes the battery the most, and gives tips on how to save battery life.

Functions Of DU Apps

This app is an all in one app that controls overheating, dullness, low speed of your smart devices like Android phones by optimizing the performance of your device during and after browsing even when your devices are not on duty. DU contains other varieties within one single app. DU has a content of over 10 functional varieties within one app and they include:

The DU CPU Cooler: For cooling down your phone from overheating on harsh weather conditions as well as too many downloading apps from other categories that may be harmful to your phones.

DU Speed Booster: For boosting your phone’s performance thereby making them faster in connectivity during usage.

DU Battery Saver: This is the main function of this app, it saves battery by cleaning all the apps draining the battery as well as optimizing the device.

Another function of the DU app is that it has Antivirus, chatroom where you meet over 400 million other users.

In addition, it has a Browser (DU search) where you can type anything of your choice for browsing, it also has a Cleaner for cleaning junks that may be causing your smartphone to lag or harmful to your phone. DU also has a harmful app (DU security) alert icon that informs you of dangerous apps on your phones. 

All of these add on apps are in DU app but you will be referred to download them from app stores like Google or Apple Store. This means when you download DU apps, you will see more different variants of apps. Apps with different functions such as DU beauty camera of different special effects. Also, Antivirus, Du battery saver/optimizer, DU trash cleaner, DU speed booster, chatroom, etc all within one app.

Download at no cost and no virus or related harmful effect to your phones.

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