Have you ever been puzzled by this question? Over and over again the question always present itself to us ‘What keeps the time of a computer correct despite it going off?’ CMOS Battery does!

Even when you turn off your computer and switch it on again, you will discover that the time it shows will be the exact time with the present time.

Even if you remove your PC’s battery and leave it for up-to a week before inserting it back, the time it shows will still be the same with the current time. Isn’t that a little bit brain tingling?.

The marveling task is done by one tiny battery, almost like a watch battery. The battery known as CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) is located at the motherboard. The lithium battery is attached to the motherboard on a chip known as RTC.

CMOS major work is to remember and maintain your computer date and time so that you will get accurate time whenever you boot your computer. It also helps your PC to remember master boot path when your system is booting. Another work of the CMOS battery is to ensure that hard disk and other configuration settings are stored in the CMOS memory.

CMOS Battery No Longer Last

Your CMOS battery does not last forever, that’s just the spoiler. When the battery dies you will start having incorrect times on your PC whenever you boot it. Even if you reset the time, it will still give you an incorrect time and date whenever you shutdown and boot.

When this starts happening you shouldn’t worry much, because the exciting thing is that the lithium battery is replaceable. So all you need to do is buy a new one and replace it if you can, if not, your computer engineers can always do that for you. So you will enjoy your ever accurate time once more.


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