Dropbox can be referred to as an online backup service and it is also sometimes called personal cloud storage that is often in use to store files. The application is accessible for Windows, Macintosh and Linux desktop OS. There are apps too for iOS and Blackberry devices.

Dropbox application allows anyone to upload and transfer files to the cloud, and share them with anyone. You can as well back up your photos, videos, documents and many other files to the cloud storage and access other files that are synced with any of your PC or mobile devices from anywhere. And also with advanced sharing abilities, its really easy to send files whether large or small to friends, family and coworkers.

Dropbox App for Android

Features of Dropbox App for Android

  • Automatically upload your photos and videos on your camera roll to the cloud storage app
  • Easily access any file stored in your account whether offline and can preview more than 175 file types, no other special software is required
  • Easy to send very large files by copying and pasting a unique link you can send to anyone
  • Easily scan documents to the cloud photo storage using your camera and turn receipts, documents and notes into PDFs.

When you register, you get 2,000GB of storage and that’s enough room to store your files from your linked devices. And also Dropbox smart technology has the ability to move outdated files off your hard drive and to the cloud.

Existing plus customers can upgrade to Dropbox Professional and will get 3,000GB of storage, here you can store all your stuff-from work projects to your personal photos and still have more than enough space to spare. Before upgrading a payment has to be made. The amount will be charged to your Google Play account and will differentiate by plan and country. In order to avoid auto-renewal, it needs to be turned off at least 24 hours before the subscription is renewed.

Dropbox App for Android

After installing the app, a Dropbox folder appears on your screen with your other folders. You can then save files to the folder and also add new folders. Files in the Dropbox folder can be accessed from wherever you are in the world with an internet connection, all you have to do is to log in to your account to upload, download and share files.

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To share a file on the app, you can generate a URL for it from the Dropbox website and then send it out so others can access it. Folders can be shared with several people by sending an invitation from the Dropbox website. The new receiver that doesn’t have a Dropbox will have to sign up to access the folder. As soon as a folder is shared, it will show in the folder system for anyone that has access to it and all members will be able to alter the files.

Dropbox App for Android

Uses of Dropbox App for Android

  • Monitor your computer for running tasks or unauthorized access
  • Securely share files from photos to paperwork
  • Manage your BitTorrent downloads
  • Quickly install Android apps and ROMs
  • Print documents to your home printer from any computer
  • Host a website or start page for your browser
  • Create your own cloud-based music library
  • Launch applications and run commands on your home computer
  • Convert, share and automate your files
  • Keep the same apps, settings and passwords on all your PCs.

Dropbox App for Android

  • Good features for Pro users
  • Digital signatures.


  • A free version is skimpy on storage
  • Expensive paid accounts.

The cloud storage app was developed by Drew Houston in 2007 and has since then generated over 500+ Million downloads.

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