Effects Of Constant Wearing Of Earphones & Headsets.

Unarguably over the last decades, earphones have been produced in various designs both in size and styles. Phone accessories stores and supermarkets are now making a lot of sales on them but there’s is still effects in wearing these earphones.

Earphones actually made things easier for us, movies, music and sometimes games are enjoyed most when we wear the earphones without disturbing anyone around us.

But things with such great advantage also come with a major disadvantage. Most people as we all know, abuse and overdo things, 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day, you will see a youth (even adults) with earphones or headset attached to their ears. Majority of individuals also falls asleep with their earphones on, this can be very disastrous to both our ears and brain.

Effects of Earphone & Headset

The constant wearing of a headset can be critical, but wearing them with the volume increased more than 90% can be disastrous. Earphones have a lot of effects like…


Someone who wears earphones all the time, they will at some point in time be hearing echoes of sounds and even words spoken to him.

Infectious Ear

Inevitably, this is unavoidable, mostly among teenagers who lend their earphone or headset to friends. You don’t know who is infected, so you can’t be able to detect who has an ear infection. So when people lend headset to their peers, they stand a great risk of getting infected.

Hearing Disorder

This is very common nowadays, people who listen with loud earphones or who turn their volume up to 100% tend to have difficulties in hearing. In fact, they will not be able to hear what you say or else you speak close to their ears. Some might not even hear you or else you shout directly to their ears.

Brain Damage

Vibrations passing through the fluid in the spiral inner ear called the cochlea causes tiny sound-detecting hair cells, in the cochlea to vibrate. Hair cells detect vibration and convert it into an Electrochemical signal acceptable to the auditory nerve. Furthermore, the auditory nerve sends information to the brain through electrical impulses, and the brain interprets and understands the information.”

So you see, any sound we hear is being carried to the brain. That means that constant wearing of earphones will be constant stressing of your brain. This is one of the effects of earphones because your brain has to be constantly processing the sound which it is receiving with full force due to the loud noise that’s coming directly. That’s why you notice a little bit of headache when you wear them or after using them.

Retentive Disorder

With brain damage comes a lot of problems, but the easily noticed one is slow learning. It makes students be dull in learning and processing stuff, even to remember what was taught early hours ago will be difficult for them. A chronic disorder that may mar a child for the rest of his entire life.

All of these are the effects of constant wearing of earphones, so to avoid them, you need to

  • Lower the volume of the earphones to a maximum of 65%
  • Avoid sharing earphones with people
  • Don’t overuse the earphone and don’t sleep with it

Hope you found this helpful? 

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