Google chrome is amongst the most recommended internet browsers for most mobile users. The actuality that you can sync all your addendum and bookmarks across personal computers and phones makes it a top pick. However, the case is a bit different for Samsung users. Today, most Samsung phones bundle its in-built browser named Samsung internet browser.

Of recent, the Samsung company launched some modern features to the Samsung internet beta browser. So the basic features like Downloads go toe to toe with modern features like Dark mode.

Consequently, it is only right to compare both chrome and Samsung internet beta to ascertain which android browser is best suited for your needs.

App Size

We will begin with the size of both apps.
The size of google chrome measures up to 150 MB while the Samsung internet browser measures over 120 MB.

Reader Mode

If you have ever tried out the Safari browser you will acknowledge the fact that its an amazing browser with which you read articles. This is as a result of the reader mode feature that works perfectly. While chrome misses out on this important feature, Samsung internet browser offers it. From the screenshot below you’ll observe the multiple media and ads.

As soon as you click on the reader mode icon close to the address bar, all the media and ads are removed immediately from the page thereby offering you a clean reading experience. This makes it extremely easy to read contents without distractions.

Reader mode also makes it possible to block ads from the page. While Google chrome for android phones doesn’t come with a reader mode and so has no ad saver.

User Interface

As a user of chrome, it is important to have a google account so you’ll get the most out of it. Its actually possible to use it without a google account too, but then you won’t be able to access the sync features. After you log in, you will see a basic design with a search bar at the centre. Google will show you pertinent news which is constructed from your browser’s history below the search bar. In the middle, some recently visited websites will be shown.

Samsung internet browser also has google as it’s default browser although this can be changed to anything suitable. The address bar is at the top while the google search bar is in the middle. What’s magnificent about Samsung internet browser is that the settings such as tabs and bookmarks are easily accessible at the bottom of the screen. Why is this useful, you might ask? On a really large screen mobile phone, it makes it less difficult to access these settings without the need to move your phone in your hands.

The rest of the options can be accessed by tapping on the menu icon on both browsers. Lastly, there is also the tabs icon so as to switch between tabs and pages.


Webview is part of Chrome’s features which was launched by Google to make it possible to showcase web content. Have you ever tried an app where tapping on a website link leads you to another page whereby instead of opening individually on the chrome application, opened right inside the app you were using? Yeah, that’s as a result of the application using webview.

This is a useful quality to possess because it reduces RAM storage being used and also saves time. It is not necessary to open a new app to view web pages.

Unfortunately, Samsung internet browser doesn’t sustain webview which clearly means if you wish to open a link inside an app, you will need to have Chrome installed. If you open the link with an internet browser, another app will be opened and this will take more time and use more resources.

Data Saver Mode

Google chrome application has the upper hand with data save mode. The browser has an in-built data save mode which users can activate when running low on data or when you have a shaky and unstable internet connection. It squeezes several web pages and consumes very little data.

In order to activate the data saver mode you just have to tap the three-dot icon, tap on settings and then activate data saver. From then onward, the menu will show the amount of data that is being saved with each dealings.

It’s also possible to view the total amount of data that had been saved for all the previous web pages visited.

Unfortunately, the Samsung internet browser doesn’t come with a data saver feature. This feature isn’t necessary if you use a Wi-Fi connection. Nevertheless, it plays a notable part if you ingress the web while on a limited data plan.

In addendum to the above comparisons, here are some of their PROs and CONs__

Google Chrome


1. Backed by google.
2. Syncs with a desktop browser.


  1. Excessive permissions.
  2. Lacks download manager.
  3. Doesn’t have ad saver.

Samsung Internet Browser:


  1. Ad-blocking features.
  2. Do not track features.


1. No data saving mode.
2. Not supported by password managers.

Google Chrome VS Samsung Internet browser:

In a nutshell, if you are searching for a perfect browser that can sync bookmarks, passwords, history and every necessary detail about you, then Google Chrome is definitely the best browser at the moment. If all you need for your mobile phone is just a cool browser that lacks the cross-platform compatibility, then the Samsung internet browser is a perfect app.

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