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How Google tracks you

The mega-giant search engine Google knows pretty much everything about you as long as you use any Google software. It might even be able to tell your favourite food, favourite location, clothes, and your size too, lol. Over the years Google has transcended from not only being a search engine but being the owners and designers of many apps. Through their vast and numerous apps, Google can be able to describe you, know the places you have been to, what you frequently surf on the internet. Google can even tell your exact facial and audio recognition, that’s awesome!

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It is amazing to know that

Google knows your

  • Religion
  • Voice
  • Date of birth
  • Voice & appearance
  • Places you visited in the past
  • Your friends and contacts
  • Fitness level
  • Passwords
  • Photos
  • Search histories
  • Political beliefs
  • What you like browsing about. (and so many other numerous things)

Google is able to tell all this information about you from their apps. They have an enormous number of software which makes it have access to your data, IP address, location, browser history and also cookies.

A number of Google’s Numerous Apps

Google Play Store: Through it, they can tell your favourite apps, games you like to play.

Gmail: Your contacts are saved on your Google mail account. Also, you can send and receive mails, so what you discuss with anyone and even your transactions are saved for later reference. Actually, the Gmail does a lot of things added to these ones, your passwords, credit cards PIN are all saved on in your Gmail.

Google Maps: Google Maps can actually tell your locations, where you have been to in the past example, restaurants, hospitals, fuel stations, your home and many more. One of the major things Google can do is that it helps to locate a lost or stolen phone. Check it out, you lost your phone and you don’t know any software you can use to locate your device, Google maps locate exactly where it is, provided that your phone‘s location is on.

Google Calendar: Do you know that your future events and plans are all in their fingertips? Yes, they are, once you save any date as a reminder, consider it done by the Google calendar so it’s never hard for it not to track your daily activities.

YouTube: After you have watched a video on YouTube, the next time you search for the video, the video will automatically resume from where it stopped meaning that it actually saved your data from starting from fresh to watch it. They can also tell the videos you watch most that is, your search history.

Google Search: They know your browse history, voice. That’s why Google is able to give you the right pop up ads, and the correct news depending on your research.

How To Avoid Google know about you

Use another browser: Learn to make use of browsers that are not a software of google especially Google Chrome. Note that the browser is different from the search engine. Google Chrome is a browser while Google search is a search engine.

Privacy; Set your browsers to privacy mode, so they won’t be able to tell your browser histories.

Turn off Location: When you turn off location in your phone and Google Map they won’t be able to track you.

Avoid permitting third-party apps from accessing your mails, if you want to export all your data you can take it out into a file that you can download.

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