How long it takes to get activated on Google Adsense

Hello! Today I’ll be talking on how long it takes to get activated on Google Adsense and steps to get approved faster. Adsense is one of the ways to make money on your blog or website by displaying paid adverts. Many advertisers prefer using Adsense so that they could reach many people because Google is the most widely used search engine.

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Imagine running an advert by Google on your blog site. Google will place those ads on your site so that visitors can see them and click on them. In these ads, each click generates an amount of money depending on the kind of ads.

Now I’ll tell you how long I waited for Google to activate my Adsense account. I opened my blog on January 12, 2019, and I applied for Google Adsense on 21st January. My account wasn’t activated immediately by Google, though they told me that it may take 3 days to be reviewed. In some cases, it will take more days for it to be approved.

So google reviewed my site for more than one week, I was frustrated like I wanted them to activate the account so soon. So I had to ask my friend mumedibbles who has been activated, they gave me some tips on how they got activated.

How to get activated

First, if you must apply for Google Adsense, follow these steps.

Write unique articles: I wrote fresh articles that have never been on google, most especially, my plagiarism checker showed that my contents were 100% unique. I never copied exactly what other sites wrote, I had to make my articles different.

Write Long Artiles: The number of words should be above 300, this is the standard limit for SEO. I increased some of my articles to 1000 words that are unique so that i will get approved. Getting activated on google AdSense is not that very easy even though some are activated in lesser time.

Create a Privacy Policy Page: I added a privacy policy page to my blog, allowing Google to know how my visitor’s data are used. This is very important for every website that wants to run ads.

Create other Pages: Also, create more pages like the disclaimer to help tell your visitors about a content source and that you are not liable for any loss or damage including loss of data. Terms and condition page, About us page, contact us page that lets your visitors get in contact with you.

Have a Good Blog Theme: Surely, the beauty of a blog attracts and makes visitors stay on your site. Having a nice theme that can display your contents well to any visitor is one of the steps you must take to get your Google Adsense activated.

Place Your Adsense Code at The Right Place: Placing this code is really hard for some beginners, Google requires that you paste your code at the right place, between the <head> and </head> tag. After I followed these steps, it took 19 days to get my account activated on Google Adsense

Have visitors: In addition to the placing of codes, having visitors is important. You don’t expect Google to run their adverts on a site that doesn’t have visitors. Applying for these ads, thus, try to make sure you have visitors on your site every day.


So if you have read how long it takes to get activated on Google Adsense and wants to activate your account, follow these simple steps. Place your code at the right place and make sure that your website gets visitors. Let people know about your site, create pages, for instance, these pages will let google to know more about your website or blog.

In case you need assistance in getting your Adsense account activated, you can contact us and we will be glad to be of help.

Besides, if you applied these steps and it worked, please let us know in the comment section.

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