Mobile Telecommunication Network popularly known as MTN in conjuction with Lumos Electricity provides an offgrid electricity to Nigerians and other African countries that has access to the MTN network. This is a means to help curb power supply in areas where there’s no or less supply of electricity.

A means is devices to solve this issue and that is, converting solar energy into electrical energy using the solar panel provided by MTN Mobile Electricity. Other things MTN made available are the Y’ello box and the inverter for its users after they have made an initial payment of about ₦20,000 and hence, continue to pay installmentally till when a specified amount is paid.

Mtn Lumos Electricity

MTN Lumos Electricity is essential to people who live in a rural areas or places where there’s less supply of electricity. The solar panel gets electrical energy from its source, sun to charge up the battery.

When charged(Yello box), the owner can then start to enjoy electricity on limited amount of appliances. With the MTN Lumos Solar system, you can charge your phone, laptop, watch TV, listen to radio and music at your convenience and a lesser cost.

MTN Lumos Electricity Provides

  • One 300Wh yellow box that serves as battery
  • A 80W solar panel
  • 2 white LED bulbs
  • 1 60W DC-AC inverter
  • Solar cables
  • USB Mobile phone charger
  • Self-installation kits

What Can The MTN Lumos Power?

The MTN can power a lot of our essential electrical appliances like

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Laptop
  3. Home theatre
  4. Torchlight
  5. Standing fan
  6. Radio
  7. Hair clipper
  8. Television (not the very big size)

What Can The MTN Lumos Not Power?

The MTN Lumos can’t power most of our heavy home electric appliances like

  1. Air conditioner
  2. Microwave
  3. Ceiling fan
  4. Desktop computer
  5. Electric, cooker, iron, water heater
  6. Blender
  7. Washing machine

How To Get The MTN Lumos Solar System

To get one of the MTN Lumos system, you will need to follow some simple procedures

  1. SIGN UP at your local MTN store: When joining the service, visit any MTN store with an active MTN SIM Card registered in your full name, a Valid ID card and the Names and details of 2 willing guarantors.
  2. INSTALL easily by using MTN professional and authorized installers near your location.
  3. PAY easily and safely using your MTN mobile phone

The payments include a one-time Set-up fee when you join the service at the MTN store, and additional monthly subscription fee – paid via your mobile phone.

MTN Subscription Plans For The Lumos

  • 1 day (₦230)
  • 7 days (₦1,500)
  • 20 days (₦3,800)
  • 30 days (₦4,850)
  • 60 days (₦9,000)
  • 90 days (₦12,600)
  • 180 days (₦23,400)
  • 365 days (₦46,720)
  • 1800 days (₦219,000)

According to the plans, the 1800 days which is equivalent to 5 years is the cheapest if paid once, it costs ₦122 per day.

Why Should You Buy The MTN Lumos Solar panel?

There are many good reason you should buy the MTN Lumos.

  • Unlike Generators, the MTN Lumos Solar system is noiseless
  • Less cost of maintenance
  • MTN professionals takes care of the repairs for 5 years or till it becomes your own
  • Cheap to buy, costs about ₦20,000
  • Can power most of essential electric appliances
  • Saves lot money on the monthly electric bills
  • Make payments from your mobile phone
  • It is a soundless electricity generator

Why you shouldn’t buy the MTN Lumos Electricity

Actually, there’s less reason you shouldn’t buy it too. Even when there’s reason to buy the MTN Lumos, we just want to let you know other reasons why you may not buy it.

  • It doesn’t power heavy electric appliances like refrigerator, big TV, electric iron, Air conditioner, ceiling fan, desktop computer
  • System must be subscribed a minimum of 20 days
  • Again, system must be subscribed whether used or not used

Good Thing!

MTN Mobile Electricity made it more interesting by gifting it’s users 7 days to use the service without making payment when they refer someone to buy the LUMOS SOLAR SYSTEM

This is done by using your Yello box registered MTN SIM to SMS your friend’s number to 08133134773. Once he/she joins the service, your account automatically gets credited.


  1. Send the SMS using the MTN phone number registered to your Yello box.
  2. SMS must be received before your friend joins our service.
  3. Refer only one phone number per SMS.
  4. There is no limit to the number of referrals per day, regular SMS charges applies.
  5. Lumos & MTN staff are excluded from this offer

Verdict On The MTN Lumos Solar System Review

With all being said, MTN Lumos Solar system is recommended for people who live in a place where there is no consistent supply of electricity and have less electrical appliances. Students can opt for this device so as to help them save the monthly electricity bills, costs of fueling and maintenance of generator.


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