OKAYAMA Generator is a new generator brand in Nigeria with good qualities. More competition for popular brands like Elepaq, Lutian, Tiger, Honda, Senwei, Sumec, Firman and many of them out there.

Technology growing as we see new tech manufacturers enter the market with their product to compete against the top brands. These new tech companies try hard to make quality products so as to get buyers and also to make themselves known in the business.

But one thing to know concerning the market is that if you are not known, it seems like you are wasting your time. Many people when they enter the market, they go for the big names. Who wants to fall a victim of buying a product from a new brand who have not gotten fame? What if the generator set spoils, how can you buy the spare parts or who will repair it? I have answers for these.

I never heard of this company before, but some people convinced me that the product is good. So I will be giving my review on the brand’s generator. Newest generator brand in Nigeria, Okayama. Actually, Okayama is a new generator brand in the business.

I bought a yellow generator by name Okayama, that’s the first time am hearing of such a company but I said let me give it a try. Actually the company has no fame yet. I bought the one of 1.2Kva, and a 100% copper coil. In Nigeria, the product just entered the market but not fully recognized like other generator brands.


After using the Okayama generator for 2 months, I actually did not have any problem with it. The sound is not noisy, it’s normal.

It doesn’t consume fuel a lot, 1 liter of fuel can last 2 hours depending on the home appliances and it has a maximum fuel tank capacity of 6 liters.

okayama generator set

The generator power my ceiling fan, home theatre, laptop, TV, bulbs, and some other home appliances. I haven’t tried using electric iron since I bought it, but am sure it will power it.

Actually, when you are buying or you want to buy an Okayama generator, there are some things to consider before you buy them so that you don’t make mistakes.


  • Model: Okayama 1800
  • Size: Medium
  • Power: 1.2kva
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Coil: 100% copper
  • Key Starter: No
  • Timer: No
  • Fuel Indicator: Yes

Design And Components Of Okayama Generator

One of the reasons that I bought this generator was the design, it looks very beautiful in its yellow and black color. Though the color is mostly used by most generator manufacturers. In addition to the color, the rotor and stator material are metals and the engine coil is copper.

Looking at the electric generator, the power button is red, it has a voltmeter, DC and AC switches then beside it is the output plug port. It also has a fuel level indicator on the fuel tank. There is no open-wire, they are all covered in a rubber tube. The fuel tank is painted yellow while the engine has a silver color.

All the parts of the generator are well fixed, no leakage and no rust.

Are The Spare Parts Available In Nigeria?

Yes of course! When you check the body of the generator, you actually won’t you see any difference between the generator and other brands, they all have same components. The carburetor, the fuel tap, engine, fuel tank, almost everything in the generator is like the normal ones we use in Nigeria. So the parts are in the market and can be serviced by a professional.

Price Of Okayama 1800

This particular Okayama generator is under ₦50,000. I bought mine roughly ₦35,000 in Nigeria but this may differ in your country and also the type you are purchasing.


Should you buy Okayama generator? I won’t say No neither will I say Yes but I assure that the brand is good. It is normal like other generator brands in Nigeria. Still, check out the MTN Lumos with Solar system panel.


  1. Okayama is actually a good product….. 1.2kva actually powers my Hisense 215 litres refrigerator, television and other electrical appliances. As far as I am concern, It’s the best product I have ever seen.

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