Samsung Unveils making of 1TB phone storage chip

Smartphone giant unveiled on 30th January 2019 that it will make a storage chip up to 1TB (Terabytes) for smartphones. This Samsung 1TB storage chip will be two times the 512GB predecessor chip found in top smartphones today. Any device with this 1TB chip can equally store up to two hundred and sixty 10-minute, 4K UHD videos.

This will be the world’s largest capacity line of embedded universal flash storage (eUFS) ever made in a smartphone. This will make our mobile smartphone devices to have similar storage with most laptops. Increasing storage of high videos, music, files and other documents on our smartphones.

Samsung Terabytes

There will be a boost in its reading speed of up to 1000MB/s which is much higher than the 512GB storage of its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is 860MB/s. Addition of this new chip won’t make smartphones bulky in size, it will still maintain the same package size as the 512GB.

“The 1TB eUFS is expected to play a critical role in bringing more notebook-like user experience to the next generation of mobile devices,” the Samsung executive vice president of Memory Sales, Cheol Choi said.

Rumours about the first phone to have this chip is spreading wide. No one actually knows which device will be the first to launch the Samsung 1TB storage capacity. Even Samsung didn’t announce the device which will be having the chip, so expectations are still high.

Am sure you will love to have it when it hits the market, but know it’s going to be expensive. You can’t expect such technology to be cheap, so save up. Hope you love it?

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