The 5G Technology And The Possibility Of The 6G Technology

Since the dawn of time, man has always strived to go beyond its limits to improve or create upon new technology. This advancement has brought us from the 1G to the 4G age, and with the application of 5G technology on the way. 5G will reach the global market by 2020.

5G has given us a lot of improvement in connectivity and has emerged to be one of the top 10 Technologies to trend in the world. It has changed everything.

5G stands for the fifth generation of the wireless network. Introducing connections based on ‘user experience, system performance, enhanced services, business models, management and operations.

1G introduced bulky phones only for calls

2G allowed the sending of SMS

3G gave us data and internet access

4G made everything faster

So what do you think of 5G? It does not only improve the speed but made smarter connectivity on devices.

Application of 5G Technology

It is fun to be playing games like Fortnite Battle Royale or PUB-G on Virtual Reality headset with no lag. But there’s the technology behind these fast connections and it is 5G.

Travelling in a fleet of self-driving cars going hundred of miles an hour, using sensors to detect other cars around it in milliseconds to avoid an accident. A faster connection is needed to achieve this, which is why 5G is smarter.

The future of gaming and everything else is about to change forever, several tech giants have said that 5G technology is very important, because the cars of the future and technologies of the future will require the type of data connection it provides.

There’s an indicator on our mobile phone at the top corner where a certain generation of a network is seen, it may be 2G, 3G or 4G LTE. You have come to recognize that it probably has something to do with your phone’s connection to your mobile network.

The higher the G, the faster the connection, and reliability necessary to classify the network as that particular generation. 5G is a breakthrough technology that’s going to change a device connected to the internet.

Key Features

  • 5G is very fast in terms of connection.
  • It has average speed of 20 gigabytes per seconds over wireless.
  • It has a low latency rate which is the amount of delay in sending and receiving information.
  • 5G requires a higher frequency rate.
  • It is 100 times faster than 4G technology.
  • It functions perfectly in self-driving cars.

How it works

What sets 5G aside is its low latency rate which is the amount of delay between the sending and receiving of information. Now, 4G tends to average about 100 to 200 milliseconds. The human reaction time is about 200 to 300 milliseconds but 5G will get it down to one milliseconds or less.

A network of self-driving cars, all sending data between each other and communicating with traffic lights, road sensors, area drones and so on. Humans have accidents every day despite the latency rate, imagine if your car could react and communicate its reaction to hundreds of cars around it all within a millisecond.

Not only could we end car accidents, but we also could end traffic altogether. Hundreds of self-driving cars going at high speed to your destination with no risk that they will hit each other because they all know where they’re in real-time reacting to the actual world around them. Autonomous or remotely controlled trains, delivery trucks even aeroplanes could adopt this network soon.

Robots perform surgeries which are referred to as robot surgeons, controlled in real-time by expert surgeons, being assisted by other expert surgeons simultaneously. Saving lives in situations where time and distance are the difference between life and death.

Robots which can communicate with each other and relate to its environment can be made staffs of factories, doing their duties more efficiently and wirelessly over a 5G network. Imagine a fleet of drones flying over a field of crops using sensors on the ground to sort and pick, feed and water individual plants all on their own that is 5G network.

Even though 5G technology is still in development several huge companies like Samsung, Nokia and Ericsson have put a lot of interest in making sure that 5G comes to reality.


We cannot say that 6G technology has no future or whether it is going to be launched soon, we can always depend on mankind to advance and break the deemed impossible. Several have predicted that at the rate of advancement in technology, we will be at 6G technology by 2050.

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