The Education Space And Its Trends Going Forward

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Every year we see a change in trends almost across all sectors and sincerely the case is no different in the field of education.
This is one of the areas we see a lot of remarkable changes every year. It makes serious impacts on a whole lot of areas. From learning to the classroom, administration, etc. These trends, however, depends on a lot of factors including available resources, what options are affordable for a larger society and the changing needs or demands of the present systems?

A point of note is, education trends are dynamic in nature. Here are some of the seven educational trends you should be looking forward to, at least for next quarter of this year 2019.

1. Smart Spaces

This was one of the Much-awaited education trends for long years and in fact, it serves as a platform or literal physical spaces where humans can interact with modern technology.

This merely implies that students and academics get an opportunity to use the standard room established wherever they will utilize the foremost fashionable technologies.

This will be a dream come true for many learning enthusiasts. As the result is a classroom with artificial intelligence-driven analytics, smart boards, learning management systems as well as robots to carry out process-driven tasks.

2. Internet of Things

This is, in fact, a much-discussed space within the digital transformation trends within the field of education.

Unlike simply the energy efficiencies, IoT is insisting choices for academics faculty and college authorities to raise and organize the daily school activities.

This even provides extra choices like sharing student results with different academics or oldsters in real-time. Also, track the completion of home works simply.

Teachers can also use it as a domain to alert students about some potential issues or use it to easily evaluate if their teaching strategies are working through polls.

3. Integrated Learning Solutions

It is not a good idea for schools to wait till 100% digitalization to give students the taste of modern education. Integrated learning is now a solution accepted reality in most schools.

They are about to give optimum digital infrastructure needs whereas keeping ancient textbooks because of the base.

In fact, it’s unfair for a bunch of scholars to stay unaware of the advantages of digital or technological education simply because of the property and infrastructure problems.

Intelligent solutions like a print textbook associated with audio-visual content for a smartboard which is linked to an online assessment structure can work wonders to improve learning outcomes.

4. Augmented Reality

Knowledge retention improves drastically when learning involves audio, video, and visuals which are lacking in traditional lectures. This is what virtual reality is bringing and educators are fast accepting it.

In fact, virtual reality is not only about seeing something but about experiencing the subject which helps students to learn with better understanding.

Teachers will realize this as a possible choice to teach them advanced ideas with relatively lesser time with the extra good thing about data retention.

This technology just like virtual reality is one of the best techs to learn. Augmented reality can take learning to a new level as the students just experience the subject.


For a protracted time, education system revolved around the STEM approach. And they have been a series of STEM advocacies.

So, the integral education aspects were science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But this has become a bit outdated nowadays.

However, various industries ask for professionals who disciplined in the areas of creativity and art. The last few years have increased the popularity of the STEAM approach to learning. “A” signifying Arts.

Businesses provide benefit to creative thinking and thinking, especially in the fields of innovation, leading, teaching and others.

Even academics have to be compelled to evolve their creativeness to utilize distinctive teaching ways and style age-appropriate learning models.

6. Cost Management in Education

As technology is rising in the education sector, administrations will require in-depth planning to ensure relevant investment. With the right strategy, education industry will see a great improvement in terms of cost management.

In the coming back years, educational institutes are expected to invest more in cloud technologies to reduce operational cost. Schools are becoming smarter. It will additionally improve the potency of operations within the education business thanks to shared services.

The cost of printing and papers will diminish with the rise of blockchain technology in the education sector.

All the important documents, certificates, diplomas and others will take a digital form. This will reduce the labour cost as well, which is generally required to store, manage and maintain a lot of data in institutes.

While other areas will go down with respect to cost, the computing aspect will require more investment. More and more classes are now connected.

Hence, the demand for improved computing resource is natural. This cost will enhance the operations. Sending information processing transactions and various other functions will become digital and simpler.

7. Online Education

With the widespread acceptance and influence of mobile gadgets, providing on-line education may be an idea which may be delivered straight than ever before.

Even operating professionals or students with issues of transportation will access education while not confinement.

This proposes a platform to provide education through videos and tutorials to the students of rural areas. This is where they can get it at affordable rates. Moreover, value-added certifications offered online can enhance the employability of the students.

What other trends would you like to share? Let’s hear your thoughts. Also, check the top 10 techs to trend soon, and know more on edge computing.

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