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You never know the amount of privacy you have in this life not until you deep your hands in your pocket, purse or handbag and realize it is gone. What is this that has gone? All of a sudden you begin to ask people around; Did you see my phone over there? Did I give you my phone? Did I leave it in the vehicle we entered? At this point, it seems like the whole world has collapsed on you.

Take it or leave it, losing sight of one’s gadget or phone, especially a smartphone, or worse, of someone stealing them can be one of the most annoying and disappointing things that can happen to any individual in this generation. Not only does it cost quite a lot of money, but a whole lot of personal information has been stored there thereby leaving all your accounts, documents, passwords, private videos and photos at risk.

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In the event your phone goes missing, just take a chill pill because recovering a lost smartphone is not much of a big deal in this generation as are built-in tools in every Android phone that makes it possible to lock and track down a lost phone with ease depending on its OS preparation for the possibility of losing your smartphone beforehand.

In a short time, I will put you through how to go about recovering your missing or stolen smartphone easily, but like I usually mention to people, one of the best ways to prepare for a security breach is to prevent one. So now let us take the preventive measure before the occurrence of the incident.

Securing Your Lock Screen

First of all, make sure to set up a password (I did not say pattern) and fingerprint authentication from your Settings app under the Security & location section. Do yourself another favour by not making use of facial recognition especially on your Android device as the technology used for facial recognition can be easily tricked with something as simple as anyone on glasses or even any photo of you.

As disturbing and time-consuming passcodes and fingerprints could be, this extra step to unlock your phone is worth the effort considering the potential impact of exposing your data to an attacker.

Tracking Down Your Lost Phone

Now, for Android smartphones and tablets users, Google has created a Find My Device utility whereby you can remotely wipe all the data from your phone or trigger a sound alarm immediately just before the person in possession of the phone logs out of your account(s).

Once you sign into any android device with a Google account, you have Find My Device is already activated. It is the application you’ll use to remotely lock and erase your data in situations whereby your phone ever gets missing. You can as well check to make sure Find My Device is enabled by opening the Settings app and going to Google > Security > Find My Device. Alternatively, if your device doesn’t have a Security & Location option, go to Security & Location > Find My Device.

In a situation whereby your accounts are logged out already, you have a last resort of checking out the last location your phone has been seen at Go to Google Maps and select the ‘Your Timeline’ option ( There, you can see all the places you have ever been to, including the last place your phone has been used to narrow down your search area.

There is also a Find My Device app available on the Google Play Store for those making use of the android phone without the above feature. Good luck! We hope you never have to go through the pain of losing a phone.

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