What Happens If there’s no Sun?

If there’s no sun what will happen? What if the sun never came to existence or what if it vanishes? What will happen to the plants, animals, human beings, the ecosystem, aquatic animals? Actually, the sun is making us live normal at the present time?

No one is expecting such to happen, but we still keep imagining if it does happens.

The closest star to earth is the sun, the light from it heats the surface of the earth making it warm and safe. You can go to the beach and have a sunbath.

See what will happen when sun varnishes

At first, we will have no idea that the sun has disappeared. The sun is eight light minutes away from earth so it will take us eight minutes to know if the sun has disappeared.

Sun enhances photosynthesis in plants so without it, plants wouldn’t be able to photosynthesize as soon as the sunlight stopped. However, large trees will survive for several decades and there would be enough oxygen.

Without the sun, the day won’t be brightened and there will darkness throughout the entire universe, clothes won’t dry. There will be no source of solar energy.

Micro-organisms living in the earth’s crust could survive without the sun, because of the heat from the core, but even most bacteria would be eliminated. The animals of the bottom food chain will die quickly, other animals die soon after. However, natural scavengers would survive a bit longer living of the dead bodies of other beings. In the next months, Ocean surfaces would freeze with only some sea life. Which live on the deep seafloor having little chance of survival.

Before the ocean surface freezes, humans could live in submarines in the deepest and warmest parts of the ocean.

When the oceans will freeze entirely and the earth is at a temperature of about -200 degrees celsius. The atmosphere will have collapsed, exposing the harsh cosmic radiation from space.

The chance of human beings surviving is very small even if the sun comes close to a different star and get into its gravitational pull. In this case, the ice would melt, and the planet would heat so those microbes would have a chance to evolve into other life.


Well, I don’t actually know what it will look like if the sun varnishes, though everywhere will get dark. How long can we survive without the Sun?

Hundreds of people will wonder what is happening, has rapture taken place, is it an eclipse? People will die to lack of light and much cold, the surface of oceans begins to turn to ice, making it unsafe for aquatic animals to survive.

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