What Is Edge Computing – Best Examples

Edge computing keeps developing actively, and organized models ought to adjust to help this development.

How would you characterize edge computing?

I’ve posed many individuals that inquiry, and it most likely won’t come as an unexpected. Edge computing is characterized contrastingly relying upon your industry, your reality area, your job in innovation and different components.

What everyone will seem to concede to, in any case, is that edge computing is developing quick, and system models must adjust to help this development.

Cisco predicts the excess of about 23 billion associated gadgets in only three years. This is in accordance with forecasts from driving experts that by 2020, Gartner ventures 20.8 billion associated gadgets, IDC 28.1 billion and IHS Markit 30.7 billion.

By and large, supporting the applications empowered by these associated gadgets will force a central move. And this will be from the present center to-edge center to a future condition of an edge-to-center system engineering. As our industry fights with the implications of this improvement, the absence of clarity related to edge computing dangers becoming a disadvantage.

They have to choose whether they will utilize an on-premises private cloud, facilitated private cloud, foundation as an administration, stage as an administration or programming as an administration. Think about the similarity with a correspondingly wide term Cloud computing.

IT directors should focus their tasks more in the cloud. The clearness that has advanced around distributed computing accomplishes more than encourage correspondence; it encourages basic leadership.

Edge applications, by their inclination, have an information-driven arrangement of work needs.

This information-driven procedure, separated through needs for accessibility, security and the idea of the application.

This prompted our acknowledgment of four best examples that we accept to include most of the edge utilizes cases. This can help manage choices with respect to the framework required to help edge applications.

These Four Prime Examples of Edge Computing are:

  • Data Intensive, which incorporates use situations where the measure of information is large to the point that layers of capacity and computing are required between the endpoint and the cloud to lessen data transmission expenses.
  • Human-Latency Sensitive, which incorporates applications where inactivity adversely impacts the experience of people utilizing innovation or administration.
  • Machine-to-Machine Latency Sensitive, which is like the Human-Latency Sensitive prime example aside from the resilience for action in machines. It is even short of what it is for people in view of the speed at which machines process information.
  • Life Critical, which are applications that influence human wellbeing or security thus have low dormancy and extremely high accessibility requirements.

Edge computing can possibly reshape the system models we’ve lived with for as far back as 20 years. We have to cooperate to guarantee that the procedure occurs as practiced as could be expected under the circumstances.

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This article is Based on series of online research.

Tech Review On DU App For Androids (Best Battery Saver)

Image result for du battery saver apk direct download

Before writing this article, DU App has been tested and overviewed. What is DU and what functions have it? That’s the first question that comes in mind when mentioned, right? Yes. Not an acronym but a full-fledged name given to DU, an app that controls and maintains the workability of your smart devices like Android phones.

DU is actually the best battery manager app, now used by over 400 million people. The app that tells what consumes battery the most, and gives tips on how to save battery life.

Functions Of DU Apps

This app is an all in one app that controls overheating, dullness, low speed of your smart devices like Android phones by optimizing the performance of your device during and after browsing even when your devices are not on duty. DU contains other varieties within one single app. DU has a content of over 10 functional varieties within one app and they include:

The DU CPU Cooler: For cooling down your phone from overheating on harsh weather conditions as well as too many downloading apps from other categories that may be harmful to your phones.

DU Speed Booster: For boosting your phone’s performance thereby making them faster in connectivity during usage.

DU Battery Saver: This is the main function of this app, it saves battery by cleaning all the apps draining the battery as well as optimizing the device.

Another function of the DU app is that it has Antivirus, chatroom where you meet over 400 million other users.

In addition, it has a Browser (DU search) where you can type anything of your choice for browsing, it also has a Cleaner for cleaning junks that may be causing your smart phone to lag or harmful to your phone. DU also has a harmful app (DU security) alert icon that informs you of dangerous apps on your phones. 

All of these add on apps are in DU app but you will be referred to download them from app stores like Google or Apple Store. This means when you download DU apps, you will see more different variants of apps. Apps with different functions such as DU beauty camera of different special effects. Also, Antivirus, Du battery saver/optimizer, DU trash cleaner, DU speed booster, chatroom, etc all within one app.

Download at no cost and no virus or related harmful effect to your phones.

Why A Computer Time Is Always Correct

Have you ever been puzzled by this question? Over and over again the question always present itself to us ‘What keeps the time of a computer correct despite it going off?’ CMOS Battery does!

Even when you turn off your computer and switch it on again, you will discover that the time it shows will be the exact time with the present time.

Even if you remove your PC’s battery and leave it for up-to a week before inserting it back, the time it shows will still be the same with the current time. Isn’t that a little bit brain tingling?.

The marveling task is done by one tiny battery, almost like a watch battery. The battery known as CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) is located at the motherboard. The lithium battery is attached to the motherboard on a chip known as RTC.

CMOS major work is to remember and maintain your computer date and time so that you will get accurate time whenever you boot your computer. It also helps your PC to remember master boot path when your system is booting. Another work of the CMOS battery is to ensure that hard disk and other configuration settings are stored in the CMOS memory.

CMOS Battery No Longer Last

Your CMOS battery does not last forever, that’s just the spoiler. When the battery dies you will start having incorrect times on your PC whenever you boot it. Even if you reset the time, it will still give you an incorrect time and date whenever you shutdown and boot.

When this starts happening you shouldn’t worry much, because the exciting thing is that the lithium battery is replaceable. So all you need to do is buy a new one and replace it if you can, if not, your computer engineers can always do that for you. So you will enjoy your ever accurate time once more.

GBWhatsapp Update to Anti-Ban (v8.10)

To avoid being banned, you need to uninstall GBWhatsapp that is outdated. Emsgadgets will guide you on how to get it updated to the latest version so you can enjoy this WhatsApp Mod’s amazing features. It can be so annoying when your friends do some interesting things with their GBWhatsapp but yours can’t because it is outdated.

Updating GBWhatsapp is like installing an app for the first time, this can be annoying. This is because it is not supported on the Google Play Store. But I noticed that some people doesn’t know how to install or even update GBWhatsapp, so they end up removing the app entirely.

So to update your GBWhatsapp, you will have to follow these simple steps.

Updating GBWhatsapp

When using your GBWhatsapp, you will see a pop up on your screen that reads, you need an update to the latest version of GBWhatsapp. It will tell you some of the features and bugs that were fixed.

To update GBWhatsApp, please follow these steps:

  • Android: Go to GBWhatsapp options, click on GB Settings
  • Click on Updates which is located below the FAQ
  • Click on Check for Updates

NOTE: If there’s any update available, you will be notified.

If you received a pop up that there’s update. Kindly click on the Update Now.

  • You will be directed to GBWhatsapp Web for download.

GBWhatsapp download

NOTE: Before you start the update.

Go to your phone Settings, then tap Apps & Notifications or Security. Tap on Install Apps from Unknown Sources.

When you are done with that, continue to the GBWhatsapp Web. Click the Download 

After that, refresh your GBWhatsApp. Boom, you are now up to date. Enjoy some new features fixes.

We encourage you to always use the latest version of GBWhatsApp so you don’t get banned. Latest versions contain the newest features, bug fixes and anti ban.

Download GBWhatsapp Directly From Here

Features Of This Latest GBWhatsapp (Plus) 

  • Theme change
  • Download free amazing themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp
  • Dual/Multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Various languages
  • Status can be copied
  • Send large files of videos, audios, images
  • Up to 50 MB of video files can be sent
  • Hide online status, double tick
  • Hide seen message, delivered message staus
  • Always online feature
  • Able to send more than 10 images
  • New and customized emojis for GB WhatsApp users
  • Backup feature
  • Add stickers from Google Play
  • Various launcher icons
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Hide writing status
  • Hide recording status
  • Connectable with WhatsApp web but features do not work there
  • Auto reply of messages
  • Create and use themes, can be used by other GBWA users
  • Audio can be shared up to 100 MB
  • Video status limit to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds can be shared
  • Enable password
  • Amazing tick styles
  • Cool launcher icons
  • Change notifiy-bar icon
  • Multi gif providers
  • Change video player
  • Log available
  • Message Scheduler

These are features the official WhatsApp does not offer. This latest WhatsApp Mod is safe. 

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MTN Data Activation Codes, Duration and Prices

You may ask what are the MTN data subscription codes? MTN is the leading telecommunication provider in Nigeria and also in some African countries and therefore, they give awesome data plans though aren’t the best in terms of Data.

MTN has improved its data plans so check the list below. There are many MTN data subscription codes for over 50 million MTN subscribers. Emsgadgets has taken time to put down some codes for the activation of MTN data bundles.

Below are all the MTN daily, weekly and monthly subscription codes for any browsing plan you need. The prices, as well as the duration, are listed also.

MTN Browsing Activation Codes

MTN Daily & Weekly Data Plans

DurationData SizeAmountCode
1 day25MB50 Nairatext 114 to 131
1 day75MB100 Nairatext 104 to 131
1 day1GB350 Naira*131*1*1*4#
2 days200MB200 Nairatext 113 to 131
2 days2GB500 Naira*131*1*1*5#
7 days350MB300 Naira text 102 to 131
7 days500MB + 1000 Talktime500 Naira *131*1*2*3#
14 days750MB500 Nairatext 102 to 131

These are the huge MTN Data Plans that can last longer when activated.

MTN Monthly, 60 Days & 90 Days Plans

DurationData SizeAmountCode
30 days1.5 GB1000 Naira text 106 to 131
30 days2GB1200 Nairatext 130 to 131
30 days3.5GB 2000 Nairatext 110 to 131
30 days6.5GB3500 Nairatext 107 to 131
30 days11GB5000 Nairatext 116 to 131
30 days22GB10000 Naira text 117 to 131
30 days40GGB15000*131*1*3*9#
30 days3GB + 4000 Talktime1000*131*1*3*8#
30 days1GB + 2000 Talktime1000*131*1*3*7#
60 days60GB20000 Naira text 118 to 131
60 days100GB30000 Naira text 138 to 131
90 days 120GB50000 Naira text 133 to 131
90 days150GB75000 Naira text 134 to 131
  • To check your MTN browsing data balance, SMS 2 to 131.
  • To use the USSD code, dial *131*1#

Now, you have known the MTN monthly subscription codes for 1000 Naira and other MTN unlimited data plan codes. Try them out and enjoy. 

Out of these plans, the most used MTN subscription data plans are 1000 Naira for 1.5GB monthly, 500 Naira for 750 14 days. The more data you buy, the cheaper it becomes, for instance, 15000 gives 40GB for 30 days, do the maths… calculate for 1000 which gives 1.5GB for 30 days.

For new SIMs, to get 4GB at 1000 Naira, 1GB at 200 Naira for a week. (SPICY!!) Also, 250MB at 100 for 3 days. Dial *131*65#

Now all these codes listed above are some of MTN mobile data activation codes we have found. This list will be updated once any other MTN subscription code is out. Also, check the Airtel subscription codes, Glo Cheap Subscription Codes.

MTN also has social bundles, dial *131*3# to select any plan.

Note that these codes changes, but if MTN should make changes, we shall fix it.

If there’s any MTN data activation code we didn’t list here. Please tell us in the comment section and it will be added. 

Data Activation Codes And Price for Airtel Network

For all airtel users, this is a list of Airtel data subscription codes. Emsgadgets has a lot of Airtel subscription codes to help you easily subscribe to any Airtel data plan of your choice.

Here, are a list of the Airtel daily subscription codes, weekly subscription codes, monthly subscription codes, cheap subscription codes, heavy data subscription codes, also the midnight subscription codes, 4G codes and their prices.

Airtel Daily & Weekly Subscription Codes

Duration Data Size Amount in Naira USSD Code
1 day 20MB 50 Naira *141*50#
1 day 75MB 100 Naira *141*100#
3 days 200MB 200 Naira *141*200#
7 days 350MB 300 Naira *141*300#
14 days 750MB 500 Naira *141*500#

Airtel Monthly Subscription Codes

Duration Data Size Amount in Naira USSD Code
30 days 1.5GB 1000 *141*1000#
30 days 2.5GB+1GB 1500 *141*1500#
30 days 3.5GB 2000 *141*2000#
30 days 4.5GB+1GB 2500 *141*2500#
30 days 5.5GB+1GB 3000 *141*3000#
30 days 7.5GB+2GB 4000 *141*4000#
30 days 10GB+2GB 5000 *141*5000#
30 days 25GB 10000 *141*10000#
30 days 40GB 15000 *141*15000#
30 days 60GB 20000 *141*20000#

To check Airtel Data balance, dial *140#

For Airtel midnight browsing, dial *312# and follow the procedures.

Airtel Social Plans

Of course, Airtel has social bundles for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram. These plans are usable for a specified number of days.

For Whatsapp chatting, dial *948*4# to get 10MB for 1 day with just 25 Naira. This is for only chatting.

For free access to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, dial *991*1# to get 40MB for 1 day with just 50 Naira. Also, you can get 80MB with 100 Naira when you dial *668*3# and this will last for 5 days. Another one is getting 600MB for 300 Naira that will last for 25 days, just dial *688*1#

For Instagram, 100 Naira can buy 250MB for 1 day at *141*105# and also 200 Naira can buy 1GB for same 1 day, just dial *141*205#. This bundle is only for Instagram.

Airtel 4G Codes

Do you also have Airtel 4G SIM? Okay, we’ve got some Airtel USSD codes for you too. Dial *141*9999# to get 30GB for 30 days, again dial *141*19999# to also get 80GB for 30 days. This is strictly for Airtel 4G Network.

Did you notice that all the codes have the amount for purchasing the data? So that’s predictable right? There’s also, Airtel whooping data bundles, MTN Data Codes, and Glo cheap Subscription codes. 

All Glo Data Subscription Codes, Prices & Duration

Glo didn’t just only impress by there network coverage but also boast of its unbeatable data plans. Glo nicknamed the Grand Masters of Data due to high data bundles offered for a low price. Being the most purchased data plan in Nigeria, Glo made it more enticing by providing good network coverage in the country. Did you know that with just 1,000 you can get 1.84GB of Data when you dial the subscription codes? Let’s see the list that emsgadgets has brought.

We also have MTN Subscription codes, Airtel Subscription codes, 9 Mobile Subscription codes but below is the updated GLO Data Subscription codes, duration, and prices.

Amount In Naira Data Size Duration USSD Code
25 10MB 1 Day *127*32#
50 22MB 1 Day *127*14#
100 80MB 1 Day *127*51#
200 210MB 5 Days *127*56#
500 800MB 14 Days *127*57#
1,000 1.6GB 30 Days *127*53#
2,000 3.65GB 30 Days *127*55#
2,500 5.75GB 30 Days *127*58#
3,000 7GB 30 Days *127*54#
4,000 10GB 30 Days *127*59#
5,000 12.5GB 30 Days *127*2#
8,000 20GB 30 Days *127*1#
10,000 26GB 30 Days *127*11#
15,000 42GB 30 Days *127*12#
18,000 50GB 30 Days *127*13#
20,000 63GB 30 Days *127*33#

NOTE: Renewing any of this plan, you get a 25% bonus on a normal Glo SIM while OGA SIM, in renewing, gets 125% bonus.

Glo Flexi Plans

Here are the Glo Flexi Data Subscription codes, duration, and prices.

Plan Amount In Naira Data Size Duration USSD Code
Weekend Plan 500 3GB 7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm) *127*61#
Night Plan 200 1GB 1 day (12am – 5am) *127*60#
G 100 6,000 4GB 100 Hrs or 30 days *127*5#
G 300 15,000 12GB 300 Hrs or 3 Months *127*4#
G-Leisure 5,000 12GB 8 PM to 9 AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends *127*7#
G-Work 6,000 12GB 8 AM to 9 PM *127*6#

Glo Campus Data Booster

Another cool Glo plan that gives it’s subscribers 10x the normal value of Data while they are on campus. The campus can be Universities, police campus, Customs and Immigration training institutes, etc..

Amount Data Size Off-Campus On-Campus Glo to Glo Bonus Free Data for Gifting Validity
N100 100MB 100MB 225MB N100 25MB 2 days
N200 200MB 200MB 450MB N200 50MB 4 days
N500 500MB 500MB 1.12GB N500 125MB 7days
N1000 1GB 1GB 2.25GB N1000 250MB 15 days
N2000 2GB 2GB 4.5GB N2000 500MB 30 days
N5000 5GB 5GB 11.2GB N5000 1250MB 30 days

To check Glo Data balance, dial *127*0# or *777#

This list was compiled by emsgadgets according to the official GLO Website.

Features To Consider before Buying A Generator Set

Yellow Sumec firman generator

Briefed buying guide for generators. A lot of generator brands are on sale in the market and in them are fake and real ones. To avoid regrets, don’t just enter the market and pick any generator set. Maybe because you like the color or it is priced low so you now assume it should be the best pick, NO!

Before buying a generator, there are things you need to consider so as to buy a good one.

This imitations or fake generators may look like or even have same name with the one you have the desire to buy, but they are not.

Consider These Before Buying A Generator Set

Before buying a generator set you must consider these, so you can buy a good and original generator product.

1. The Brand

Yes the brand, this is the first thing to consider. There are lots of generator brands in the market right now both the new and old names. Of course, you won’t like to spend your money on newbies who you haven’t seen their product before. Check the product brand and also ask your friends on which brand you should go for.

I will advice you consider these five first

  • Sumec
  • Firman
  • Elepaq
  • Tiger
  • Senwei

2. The Rated Power

KVA meaning, KiloVoltAmpere is the unit of electrical power ie. the more KVA, the more amount of appliances the generator can carry. 1kva equals 1000va, the advisable power unit to buy is from 1.3kva upwards.

3. Home Appliances

Your home appliances matters, refrigerator, TV, ceiling fan, desktop computer, electric cooker, electric iron, Blender, air conditioner, etc all these require a bigger sized generator with more KVA like 3kva upwards some may need 6kva depending on the power of these appliances. But if these you don’t have heavy power appliances that will cause your generator to have a high voltage warning then go for the 1.5kva or 2kva upwards.

4. Budget

After considering all these things, your budget will tell if you can afford them. Depending on the brand, as the kva of a generator set increases so as the price. This is a range list of generator prices

  • 1.0 – 2.0kva = ₦25,000 – ₦50,000
  • 2.1 – 4.5kva = ₦50,000 – ₦70,000
  • 4.6 – 7.0kva = ₦75,000 – ₦150,000
  • 7.2 – 12kva = ₦150,000 – ₦200,000

Your budget should lie within these four, anything higher should be a big diesel generator up to 800kva

5. Build

Let’s consider the material the generator is made of, the rotor and the stator materials. Wirings should be full copper, not aluminum, consider the materials like fuel tube, the wire cover.

6. Choice

Of course, you must have or make a choice before you buy anyone. Consider buying a generator set of your choice. Do you mind considering

  • Soundproof
  • Key starter
  • Remote starter
  • Wheeled generator
  • Colors
  • Big size
  • Design

Some people check these but that’s choice anyway.

After you must have gone through this five generator buying guide, you can go ahead and make a purchase for your generator set, also go with someone who knows about generator if you think you may make a wrong purchase. 

See a new brand! Okayama

Drop a comment if you have any questions to ask, and also this article with your friends. Good luck!

How to On or Off Face Recognition Setting For A Facebook account

Facebooks face recognition is a feature used to analyze photos and videos facebook thinks a user is in. This feature allows Facebook to achieve a more secure social community. When you turn your face recognition setting on, facebook creates a template with your photos and videos, letting it recognize you in other photos and videos. 

Keep in mind, the face recognition setting is available to people who are over 18. People under 18 won’t have the face recognition setting. This feature is turned off by default if you are new to facebook. The facebook face recognition has replaced the tag setting which means that tag is now the recognized faces in a photo or video.

To turn this setting on or off for your account.

  1. Tap at the top right of Facebook
  2. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy> Settings
  3. Scroll down to Privacy and tap Face Recognition
  4. Tap  Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos ?. 
  5. Select Yes or No to confirm your choice. 


When you turn this setting off

  • Your Facebook experience won’t include recognizing you. 
  • Facebook will delete your face recognition template
  • It won’t use face recognition to suggest that people tag you in photos. This means that you’ll still be able to be tagged in photos, but we won’t suggest tags based on a face recognition template.

Face recognition is a very good upgrade from the social media giant, Facebook. As many users are impersonated, or photos misused, facebook now brought up a way to solve this. 

This is an essential feature every facebook user should turn on, so as to ensure more profile security. Not turning on the face recognition can cause a duplicate person on Facebook, account face will vulnerable and easy to be hacked. 

This information is gotten from facebook


The Evolution Of 5G Network

Here talking about the ultrafast 5G network which signals the 5th generation of the mobile network evolution.

Recent weeks has seen the tech world lit by the launch of what could be tagged the biggest thing in mobile network evolution.

While the 5G network promises a download speed that could reach 20 times the download speed of the 4G network (you don’t want to imagine that), significantly this year 2019, marks the 40th year since 1G network was introduced and it will be insightful for us to take an overview of the journey so far in the evolution of mobile network.

In the 1970s an engineer working for Motorola invented the first mobile phone actually meant to work as a car phone, but it wasn’t until the close of that decade in the year 1979 that the formal beginning of the mobile network came to be.

Evolution of 5g

1G Network

In 1979, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph company (NTT) in Tokyo introduced the first generation of mobile network in Japan as an advancement of telecommunications operations in the Nation.

The technology employed the use of analog signals, had a bandwidth of 10MHz, frequency of 80 and 900 MHz; this was a step forward compared to the much heavier wired communications system.

Consequently in the early 1980s, Europe and West in general adopted the new technology with countries such as the UK, Finland, and the US being pioneers.

Other Key Features Of The New Innovation Were

  • Frequency Modulation (FM) system
  • Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA)
  • “Voice only” transmission.

2G Network

While the 1G mobile network was going global, tech champions all over the world were continually developing on it and seeking for new ways to better the new found wireless transmission network.

This saw the development of the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) in the 1990s. This was further improved to the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Module.

The GSM became the basic standard for all further developments the mobile network revolution has witnessed so far.

Key Features Of 2G Network Included

  • SMS service
  • Data rates of up to 64kbps
  • Encrypted voice transmission
  • Digital system and enhance security.

Latter on certain improvements to the 2G network such as the 2.5 and 2.75 systems were introduced. These supported higher data rates of up to 171kbps with the aid of the new General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).

Enhanced Data GSM Evolution (EDGE) also came late on with the CDMA2000 system. These increased data rate limits to 473.6kbps and 384Mbps respectively.

3G Network

As smartphones got introduced to the telecommunications world, they met the third generation communication system 3G.

The 3G began with the introduction of the Universal Mobile Terrestrial/Telecommunication Systems (UMTS). This supported video calls on mobile devices for the first time.

The 3G network fostered the development of special, specific applications for smartphones that supported such platforms as video calling, social media, email and multimedia chats.

Key Features Of The 3G Technology Includes

  • Higher data rate
  • Video calling
  • Mobile app support
  • Tracking systems
  • Enhanced web browsing
  • TV streaming.

Just as the 2G system, the 3G system also witnessed such upgrades as the 3.5G and 3.75G systems.

Adding to the list of upgrades are; the High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA).

These all helped to up data rate limits up to 2mbps.

The Long term Evolution (LTE) technology also known as the 3.9G system was the last upgrade of the third generation of mobile networks, and by this time, the mobile network evolution was witnessing its biggest transformation as at yet, and the world was excitedly waiting for the very next thing.

4G Network

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) developed and introduced the 4G system, which is an enhancement of the 3G network. The 4G system made use of LTE technology.

LTE technology supports simultaneous transmission of voice and data which significantly improves data rates.

Also employed in the fourth generation of a mobile network are such wireless transmission technologies as WiMax.

Overall, The Key Features Of 4G Network Include:

  • Superb data rates of up to 1Gps
  • HD video streaming and streaming
  • Voice over LTE network VoLTE (using IP packets for voice).
  • Enhanced Artificial intelligence 

While certain parts of the world are yet catching up with the 4G network; this year 2019, forty years after the introduction of the first mobile network, we’re being shocked by the overwhelming 5G network.

5G Network

Whether it is the Western row with China that has Chinese Tech Giants Huawei in between or just the craze of new inventions, the 5G network is taking the world just as the Hurricane Irma overwhelmed coastal USA and the Carribean Islands.

The 5G network which is promising data rates of up to 20Gps will offer ultra fast internet experience for users.

Amidst speculations, the 5G network employs the use of millimeter waves and limitless spectrum to aid its super system.

The Few Keys Features Of The 5G Network Yet Known Include:

  • Ultra fast data rates of up to 20Gps High security and reliable network
  • Cloud based infrastructure
  • Low latency in milliseconds
  • And of course lots more that are yet unknown.

As awesome as the 5G network is, most of the world might just as yet sit and admire, biting the tips of their fingers as the installation of the 5G technology is yet limited to G7 Nations such as USA, UK, China, and South Korea, accompanied with a number of other developed nations.

In the end, it’s amazing to see how fast humans have gone to develop a system which afore time had been deemed impossible in just a space of 40 years.

Now we can only fear our capacity to achieve more unimaginable feats in technology in the near future. So what about 6G? Let’s see

5G Network can be found in some recent top smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Hello, the world is 5G!

Cheers to 40 years of mobile network evolution and 5 thrilling generations.