The Think Smart Hub 500 comes in as Lenovo’s first product in the Smart Office space. The availability of the ThinkSmart Hub 500 was announced at the Microsoft Ignite Conference today. The ThinkSmart Hub 500 is a Skype Room Systems gadget that enhances workspace aesthetics and augments collaboration while conferencing. As a result, anybody who uses Skype for Business can connect with team members and participate in meetings via the ThinkSmart Hub.

In other words, the ThinkSmart Hub 500 is an all-around workspace gadget that has been designed in collaboration with Microsoft. Moreover, the features include a 360-degree rotatable 11.6-inch display, Dolby Audio Premium for quality audio feedback, a 360-degree microphone grille, and a touch display. Let’s take a look at more specs of the Think Smart below.

Think Smart 500 Hub Key Specifications

  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Storage: 128 SSD
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage Type: SATA
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Processor: Intel Core™ i5-7500T
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 630
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10

Design and Display

Lenovo kept the design of the Think Smart very simple and hence makes it more accessible. The features include screen anti-glare to reduce eye strain, and an anti-smudge touch screen display of about 11.6 inches. The touch screen display is rotatable 360 degrees and as a result, offers a lot of options while conferencing. Moreover, ThinkSmart offers Dolby Audio premium sound that delivers acoustic clarity. The desktop also has a special cable system that prevents cables from being tangled together. Moreover, the Hub 500 sports a very durable design which means a higher working span for this device.


The Think Smart Hub is efficient and can scale to meet all room sizes. The gadget is also very versatile as it can handle all video conferencing platforms from Microsoft Teams to Zoom Rooms. Moreover, it allows for seamless exchange of content between users. Additionally, the Hub 500 runs on the Intel HD Graphics 630 & Intel Core™ i5-7500T Processor to enable it to deliver superb performance and fluid graphics. To deck it off, the Think Smart is preloaded with Windows 10 IOT Enterprise to boost performance and software integration. Moving on to storage, the Think Smart Hub 500 offers 128 SSD and 8 GB of RAM which allows for easier multitasking and a huge reduction of loading times and buffering.


The Lenovo Thinksmart Hub 500 has enough ports for every appropriate peripheral you would like to connect to the device. On the other hand, wireless connectivity is a breeze with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth both installed in the device. The connection ports include Network (RJ-45), HDMI In & Out, and 1 USB connection port.

Price and Availability

The Think Smart Hub 500 is available for purchase at any online retailer worldwide. The Hub 500 currently sells at the price of NGN570,000 nationwide.


The Hub 500 is an ideal solution to modern workspace scenarios. With support for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, the Think Smart gives you everything in one place. Additionally, with the anti-glare and anti-smudge touch screen display, extensive meetings are no longer a problem. Although, the only deal breaker with the Hub 500 is the fact that the memory is quite low compared to its competitors. But overall, the Think Smart Hub 500 is an innovative gadget and should be in your consideration when you’re thinking of a Smart Office device.