Can You Light a Lamp With Water? | What is a Water Lamp?

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Technology has grown so much, yet we still battle with keeping electricity on. However, we use lamps but the required power source can be challenging, so today we will learn about how to power lamps with water.

We at Ems Gadgets have put together an article discussing sustainable green technology. Can you light a lamp with water? What is a water lamp? How does it work? However, these questions will all be answered in our article, so enjoy.

What Is A Water Lamp?

A water lamp is a type of lighting device that uses water, typically saltwater, to generate electricity. However, the WaterLight lantern is an example of a water lamp that can provide light for up to 45 days by converting the chemical energy from salt water into electrical energy.

Can You Light  Lamps With Water?

Yes, it is possible to light a lamp with water through a process known as ionization. Additionally, devices like the WaterLight lantern use salt water or urine to generate electricity. Furthermore, it can then be used to power a light source.

Pros And Cons Of Water Lamps

Water lamps, such as the WaterLight, offer a unique alternative to traditional lighting solutions. Nevertheless, here’s a summary of their pros and cons:


  • Sustainable Energy Source: They use salt water or urine, which is an abundant resource, especially in coastal or remote areas.
  • Eco-Friendly: Water lamps are generally more environmentally friendly compared to lamps that require batteries or grid electricity.
  • Longevity: They can provide light for extended periods, with some models lasting up to 45 days on a single fill of salt water.
  • Portability: Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for outdoor activities or emergencies.
  • Multi-Functional: Some water lamps can also charge devices like mobile phones, adding to their utility.


  • Limited Brightness: The light emitted may not be as bright as traditional electric lamps, which could be a drawback for some users.
  • Maintenance: They may require regular maintenance to ensure the ionization process continues to work effectively.
  • Availability: Depending on the design, the materials needed to operate the lamp (like specific types of salt or magnesium plates) may not be readily available everywhere.
  • Initial Cost: The upfront cost of a water lamp might be higher than conventional lamps, though this could be offset by the lack of ongoing electricity costs.

Although water lamps like the WaterLight are innovative, the pros and cons can vary based on the specific model and its application. Also, always consider your specific needs and circumstances when evaluating such products.

Where Can I Buy Water Lamps?

Water lamps are available for purchase on various online platforms. However, you can find a range of water lamps on Amazon, where they offer different models with features like emergency lighting, portability, and energy efficiency. Additionally, the WaterLight, a portable lamp that only needs seawater to charge, has been recognized for its innovative design and can be found through its official channels or design awards publications.

For the best selection, consider checking product pages for details on pricing, features, and availability to find a water lamp that suits your needs. Additionally, remember to look for options that offer the specific features you’re interested in, such as longevity, eco-friendliness, or the ability to charge devices.

Who Produced The Water Lamps?

The WaterLight lamp, which is a portable lantern that can be charged with salt water or urine, was developed by the Colombian renewable energy start-up E-Dina. Furthermore,this innovative product was created in collaboration with the Colombian division of the creative agency Wunderman Thompson. Additionally, the WaterLight has been recognized for its design and functionality, winning awards such as Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards. Also, it is designed to be a more reliable alternative to solar lamps, especially for off-grid communities.

Different Water Lamps And Their Prices

Here’s a list of different water lamps available on Amazon along with their prices:

  1. Northern Lights Ocean Wave Projector Light: This lamp offers 16 colors and a rotating flame water effect. It’s priced at approximately $27.77.
  2. Salt Water Lamp Emergency Lighting: Suitable for outdoor activities, this lamp can sustain use for 140 hours and costs around $14.99.
  3. Ocean Wave Crystal Table Lamp: With touch control and RGB color-changing features, this lamp is priced at about $27.68.
  4. Emergency Light Salt Water Lamp: This portable lantern is ideal for hiking and camping, and is available for $12.99.
  5. Artificial Tropical Fish Decorative Sensory Aquarium Lamp: Priced at $33.99, this lamp creates the illusion of a marine life aquarium.
  6. Outdoor Water Lamp Light Bag: Offering 140 hours of emergency light, this lamp is priced at $12.55.
  7. COLORLIFE Large Twister Lamp Night Light Water Vortex: This decorative lamp is available for $39.90, with a Prime option at $29.99.
  8. Rotating Water Wave Lamp Projector: A lamp suitable for gaming rooms or parties, it costs around $19.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

. What is a Water Lamp?

A water lamp is a device that uses the ionisation process to convert salt water or urine into electricity. Which then powers a light source. Furthermore, the Water Lamp, for example, can provide light for up to 45 days with just 500 milliliters of seawater.

. How Does a Water Lamp Work?

Water lamps work through ionisation. Where electrolytes in salt water react with magnesium and copper plates inside the lamp to produce electricity. Additionally, this process can sustain a prolonged period of light emission.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Water Lamp?

The benefits include sustainability, as they use an abundant resource; eco-friendliness. However, since they don’t require batteries or grid electricity and longevity. With some models providing light for extended periods on a single fill.

4. Can Water Lamps Charge Other Devices?

Yes, some water lamps, like Water Lamp. Act as mini power generators and can charge small devices like mobile phones via an integrated USB port.


In summary, water lamps like the WaterLight offer a sustainable and innovative lighting solution, especially for areas without electricity. Furthermore, their use of salt water or urine for energy is not only eco-friendly but also provides long-lasting light, making them a valuable resource for remote communities and emergencies. Additionally, as technology advances, water lamps could play a crucial role in meeting global lighting needs sustainably.

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