Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

Apple smart battery case for iPhone XR, XS and XS max

It’s a new step up from the smartphone giant, Apple. Apple has marketed the iPhone smart battery for users of XS Max, XR, and XS since Friday, 18th, January 2019 for $129.

This case is been designed for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS MAX for the battery to last long and also for the protection of the device.


  • Colour: Black and white
  • Simultaneous charging of iPhone and battery case
  • Talk time up to 37 hours
  • Internet use up to 20 hours
  • Video playback up to 25 hours
  • Compatible with Qi-certified wireless chargers
  • Supports lightning accessories like earpods
  • Soft-touch silicone exterior for iPhone protection
  • A soft microfiber lining helps protect the iPhone.

The iPhone smart battery case is supported on the iPhone XS, XR and XS MAX in two colours options black and white.

Advantages of the Smart Battery Case

The Apple smart battery case is designed most especially for iPhone users who are often away from light to charge, so the battery can boost up your device with an extra day of battery life.

One of the awesome features of this case is that it is smart enough to charge your iPhone device before charging itself. So that means, your iPhone must be full first before it starts to fill itself.

Disadvantages of the Apple Smart Battery Case

Whatever has an advantage has to have a disadvantage and the smart battery case is not an exemption. This case is expensive for just an extension of battery life. But if you think, you can spend such an amount on a battery pack then it’s up to you because I know, I can buy two cool power banks with that money.

Again it makes your iPhone look bulky, heavy to hold, and not water-resistant. Have you ever thought of using your phone when traveling to a distant place and you feel something not light on your hands? and it turned out to be your phone, am sure you not going to love it but the design is cool.

Again, this case ain’t water-resistant so never think of going swimming with it on your iPhone. So, if you want to be involved in any water activities with your iPhone. I advise you to take off the smart battery case so as not to allow water to pass through the case.

How do you see the iPhone smart battery pack? You can buy directly from apple.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone

Is the iPhone XR smart battery case worth it?

Apple’s Smart Battery Case gives you even longer battery life while offering great protection. And when fully charged, the Smart Battery Case has nearly all-day battery life depending on your usage as a user. For me this is case is a must since I commute from home to work and use my iPhone XR daily.

Which battery is better XR or XS Max?

If you are looking for the phone with the longest battery life, it’s the iPhone XR which lasts 11 to 26 hours. On the other hand, the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS last for 10 hours and 28 minutes and 9 hours and 41 minutes of straight use respectively.

Can i use iPhone XS Max case on xr?

No. Xr has a 6.1” screen, whilst Xs has a 5.8” screen. Therefore the Xr is a bigger phone.

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