Best Augmented Reality Accessories For AR Immersion

augmented reality accessories

Augmented reality (AR) is gaining momentum every day and it offers an amazing blend of reality and digital elements. However, the main Augmented Reality devices like smart glasses are just the start. A new range of accessories is being designed to enhance the AR experience.

These accessories aren’t just made for show. They are very useful tools that help improve usability and RT and add new features like deeper engagement and expanded features.

The AR accessory market is still growing, with much potential. As augmented reality technology advances, expect more innovative accessories to shape how we engage with the augmented world.

Below are the best augmented reality accessories for AR immersion.

#1. Audio Augmented Reality Accessories

Audio Augmented Reality Accessories and spatial computing are becoming very intertwined, especially with advancements in spatial systems by companies like Apple. One area of significant development in this field is spatial sound. Many Augmented Reality headsets and smart glasses are equipped with their spatial audio systems. This gives you an immersive experience when sounds are realistically placed around you.However, for headsets lacking spatial sound capabilities, accessories are a great solution. For example, Rokid Augmented Reality Studio spatial computing can be paired with omnidirectional speakers to give you a great audio experience. Apple’s AirPod Pros and AirPod Max earbuds also have spatial sounds in different environments. They use Dolby Atmos technologies with internal gyroscopes and accelerometers to adjust and give optimal sound waves to users. These are great Augmented Reality accessories that provide enhanced audio which is a very important component for immersive XR environments.

#2. Haptic Gloves and Wearables

The way haptic technologies are currently talked about can make you feel things in virtual reality have calmed down lately. But these Augmented Reality accessories, like gloves and vests, give you feedback and they are still very useful,l especially in certain situations. They make working together and being creative in business much better. These accessories for Augmented Reality have a lot of potential. They let you feel like you’re actually touching things in a virtual world. It’s a very great way to make training and learning more realistic. Fluid Reality, a company that specializes in Augmented Reality, has made gloves that give you feedback and they work very well with different virtual reality headsets. Another company, Subpac, makes backpacks that vibrate along with the sound you hear. There’s also Woojer, which makes vests and belts that give you a real feeling of being in a virtual world.

People might not be currently talking about haptic technologies as much, but they’re cool and can make virtualthe reality experience much more lifelike and fun. These technologies keep getting better every day and they’ll probably be used in more ways, changing how we use virtual reality in different areas.

#3. Advanced Controllers

When we talk about Augmented Reality accessories, controllers are not as common as they are in virtual reality. Many of the top Augmented Reality and mixed reality headsets don’t need physical controllers again. Taking the Apple Vision Pro and the Microsoft HoloLens 2 as examples, they use hand and eye-tracking technology to see what users want to do. This gives you a great experience as you can interact with things in Augmented Reality without using a keyboard or pressing buttons. However, some controllers still make the expected better. Apple’s Vision Pro can still be used with Mac devices to give you more control over what you see.

There are amazing innovations like strap-style solutions created by Tap, an Augmented Reality company. These solutions allow you to interact with virtual keyboards and other tools in Augmented Reality. These accessories track the fingers you use to tap making it easier to give commands quickly. Controllers remain good options even though they’re not so common in Augmented Reality. The key function is using your hands and eyes to control things. They can give you a more natural and immersive augmented reality experience. You can also expect more exciting developments in time to come.

#4. Protective Covers and Masks

Protective covers and masks are very important for full augmented reality headsets, even though they may not be needed for lighter glasses. These Augmented Reality accessories are designed to give you better comfort, reduce the risk of virtual reality sickness, and protect the hardware.There are various styles of protective covers and masks available for augmented reality headsets. For instance, disposable eye covers protect the hardware from sweat. This guarantees a more hygienic environment especially when multiple people need to use the headset. You can be very confident that the spread of bacteria and germs can be prevented with the help of these covers.

Another option for improving user comfort is a memory foam faceplate. They are ideal, especially during long periods of wear. Apple has developed a modular and customizable system for the Apple Vision Pro, which reduces light leakage and minimizes pressure on the user’s face. Microsoft also offers an option known as a ‘brow pad’ for its HoloLens headset both for everyday and industrial use. These accessories give you better user comfort and ensure a better Augmented Reality experience. Protective covers are ideal when usability and user comfort are taken into consideration.

#5. Customizable Lenses

Customizable lenses are necessary for users of augmented reality, virtual reality, or mixed reality because they need to adapt these technologies to their visual requirements. Imagine wearing your regular glasses under an augmented reality headset or smart glasses. It would be very uncomfortable and that’s why many companies are investing in solutions to address this issue. In the virtual reality space, Meta has partnered with Zenni to offer custom precision lenses for customers. This partnership allows users to swap out the lenses of their VR headsets with ones that match their vision needs. Apple is also taking a similar approach in the augmented reality space by giving users the ability to customize their headsets with prescription lenses. This gives a wider range of users access to augmented reality with better comfort while reducing the risk of virtual reality sickness.

#6. Durable Head Straps

For larger augmented reality, virtual reality, or mixed reality headsets, durable head straps are very important devices. These straps ensure a better fit for the device and they help in reducing slipping and relieving unnecessary pressure on the head and face. Microsoft has introduced a high-quality overhead strap for the HoloLens 2, that improves comfort for extended wearing periods. According to rumors, Apple is also planning to develop a secondary strap for the Apple Vision Pro. This additional strap will help in distributing the headset’s weight more evenly and improve comfort and balance for users.

As augmented reality devices keep getting more advanced, there’s a potential for them to become heavier. These additional straps would come in handy in reducing strain on users and giving them a more comfortable and natural experience.

#7. Detachable Batteries and Charging Docks

Some of the best Augmented Reality accessories are made to tackle significant challenges faced by consumers and businesses using extended reality. One common issue with augmented reality headsets is their limited battery life especially when they are used wirelessly. Developers and vendors are creating new power solutions to address this challenge. The Apple Vision Pro, for instance, would feature a separate power bank that can be removed from the headset to reduce weight. This power bank can be charged externally and many companies would have the option to purchase additional batteries for long-term use. Microsoft is also working on developing hot-swappable batteries for Augmented Reality smart glasses. Additionally, companies are collaborating with third-party vendors and developers to create charging stations and docks that would make the charging process more straightforward. With improved battery life and a simplified charging process, users can be sure of a great experience.

#8. Augmented Reality Accessories for Gear Protection

Some of the best accessories for augmented reality are also the simplest. Even as Augmented Reality headsets and smart glasses are becoming more affordable, they’re still costly investments. To protect these devices, especially during travel, companies and consumers can use carrying cases.

Some leading extended reality brands like Microsoft offer carrying cases to protect headsets from dust, damage, and scratches. Heavy-duty cases also make it easier to transport your technology to and from the office. In addition to carrying cases, some brands offer other accessories to help maintain extended reality gear. For example, cleaning pens and microfiber lens cleaning cloths are low-cost tools for minimizing wear and tear. These simple accessories are necessary to protect expensive Augmented Reality devices and ensure they remain in good condition for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Augmented Reality Accessories For AR Immersion

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated perceptual information.

What are Augmented Reality accessories?

They are intuitive tools, add-ons, and extras designed to enhance user experiences when adopting smart glasses and augmented reality glasses.

What is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?

The main difference between both is that augmented reality uses real-world settings while virtual reality is completely virtual.

What device is augmented reality mostly used on?

Augmented reality is mostly used in smartphone games, mixed reality headsets, and heads-up displays in car windshields.


Augmented reality accessories are great for having a wonderful and amazing experience. It’s necessary to know that these accessories are also important for the maintenance of your headsets. In addition, they’re very affordable, so you don’t need to worry about costs. 

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