The Best Headphones for Running in 2024

Best Headphones for Running

As you are aware, technology use in sports is now widely accepted. Nonetheless, some devices are used specifically for running, one of them is headphones for running. Furthermore, headphones have evolved into a necessary running accessory, on par with smartwatches, running shoes, and fitness trackers.

This post was created by Ems Gadgets. Also, having the correct headphones can improve your running experience, regardless of whether you are preparing for a marathon or just taking a leisurely stroll. Generally, runners prefer headphones for convenience, and today will explore the best headphones for running in 2024.

Best Headphones for Running

How We Ranked The Best Headphones For Running In 2024

Ranking the best headphones for running involves a comprehensive testing process that focuses on several key factors. Nevertheless, here’s how the ranking was determined for the best running headphones in 2024:

#1. Fit and Comfort:

The headphones must stay secure during all types of movements and provide comfort for long periods, which is essential for runners.

#2. Sound Quality:

High-quality audio is crucial. The headphones are tested across various genres of music, podcasts, and audiobooks to ensure a balanced and clear sound.

#3. Battery Life:

Long battery life is important for runners who don’t want to charge their headphones frequently. However, the headphones are tested for endurance and how often they need recharging.

#4. Sweat Resistance:

As running can be an intense workout, the headphones need to withstand sweat and possibly rain. Also, they are evaluated for their ability to resist moisture.

#5. Ease of Use:

Runners prefer headphones that are easy to control on the move. Additionally, the headphones are assessed for their user interface and control accessibility.

#6. Durability:

The build quality must endure the wear and tear of regular running sessions, including exposure to the elements.

#7. Safety:

For outdoor running, headphones must allow ambient sound for situational awareness. Nonetheless, headphones are rated on their ability to balance music with the environment.

#8. Value for Money:

The cost of the headphones is compared to their performance and features to determine if they offer good value.

Nonetheless, these criteria are combined with feedback from a diverse group of testers who use the headphones in real-world running conditions, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation.

The Best Headphones for Running in 2024

Runners can enjoy a range of options that cater to different preferences and needs. Nevertheless, here’s a quick overview of some top picks that have been recognized for their exceptional qualities:

#1. Shokz OpenRun Pro:

These bone-conduction headphones offer an open-ear design, allowing you to hear your surroundings while enjoying your music. However, they stay in place during runs and provide situational awareness.

#2. Beats Powerbeats Pro:

These over-the-ear headphones provide a secure fit with ear hooks and are perfect for intense workouts. Also, they offer great sound quality and are sweat-resistant.

#3. Bose Ultra Open Earbuds:

 Designed for open-ear listening, these headphones allow ambient sound while delivering clear audio. Furthermore, they’re lightweight and comfortable for long runs.

#4. JLab Go Air Sport:

If you’re on a budget, these budget-friendly over-the-ear headphones still provide decent sound quality and comfort.

Furthermore, these selections are based on rigorous testing and evaluation, considering factors like fit, sound quality, battery life, sweat resistance, and overall value.

Which Companies Are Known To Produce This Best Headphones

Several companies are renowned for producing some of the best headphones for running. Nevertheless, here are a few notable ones:

  • Shokz: Known for their bone conduction technology, Shokz offers headphones that provide open-ear listening experiences, which is great for runners who want to stay aware of their surroundings.
  • Beats by Dre: A subsidiary of Apple Inc., Beats is famous for its high-quality sound and has a popular line of earbuds and headphones designed for active use.
  • JLab Audio: Offers a range of headphones, including budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on sound quality or also comfort for runners.
  • Apple: With the AirPods Pro, Apple has created a pair of earbuds that are not only good for everyday use but also for running, thanks to their secure fit and noise cancellation features.

Additionally, these companies have established a reputation for providing reliable, comfortable, and high-quality audio products that cater to the needs of runners and fitness enthusiasts.

Where Can I Buy This Best Headphones

You can purchase the best headphones for running in 2024 from a variety of retailers. Nevertheless, here are some options where you can find them:

  • Amazon: A vast selection of headphones from various brands, often with user reviews to help guide your choice.
  • Best Buy: Known for a wide range of electronics, including the latest headphones for running.
  • Offers sports and outdoor gear, including headphones designed for running.
  • JLab: Directly from the manufacturer, especially if you’re interested in JLab’s range of running headphones.
  • Sweetwater Sound: A trusted retailer for music and audio equipment, including headphones for active lifestyles.

However, before purchasing, it’s a good idea to check for any available customer reviews, return policies, and warranties that might be offered by the retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How were the best running headphones selected?

   We’ve tested several hundred headphones, including wireless, noise-cancelling, and even kids headphones, to pick the best headphones in each category. Additionally , our recommendations consider factors like fit, sound quality, ease of use, and sweat resistance.

What types of headphones are recommended for runners?

  • Noise-Isolating Pair: Ideal for treadmill runners who want to block out noise.
  • Open Designs: Let you hear your surroundings when running outdoors.
  • Inexpensive Sets: Suitable for occasional runners or those on a budget

Where can I find the best headphones for running?

You can purchase running headphones from various retailers, including:

  • AmazonBest BuyBackcountry.comJLab (directly from the manufacturer).

What are the top picks for running headphones in 2024?

  • Beats Studio Pro Wireless: A stable and comfortable choice for runners.
  • Apple AirPods Pro: Great for music-loving runners who want to hear their surroundings.
  • Powerbeats Pro: Ideal for those who don’t like anything on their ears.
  • Soundcore AeroFit Pro: A budget-friendly option for the occasional runner


The quest for the best headphones for running in 2024 has shown us that there’s a perfect pair for every type of runner. From the open-ear design of the Shokz OpenRun Pro to the immersive sound of the Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds. Furthermore, manufacturers have catered to diverse needs, ensuring that whether you’re running a marathon or sprinting on a treadmill, you can find headphones that offer the right balance of sound quality, comfort, and durability.  Also, as technology advances, so does the convenience and capability of running headphones, making your workout experience both enjoyable and motivational. Additionally, remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing, and you’ll be well-equipped to hit the ground running with the perfect soundtrack for your stride.

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