How to Add Music to an Instagram Post, Reel, or Story

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post

In the vibrant world of social media, Instagram stands out as a platform that not only allows users to share visual content but also enhances it with the power of music. However, adding music to your Instagram posts, reels, or stories can transform the way your audience interacts with your content, turning a simple visual into an immersive experience.

We at Ems Gadgets will put you through this guide to walk you through the simple steps on How to Add Music to an Instagram Post, Reel, or Story.

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post, Reel, or Story

Adding music to your Instagram content is a fantastic way to enhance your posts and engage your audience. Nevertheless, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add music to an Instagram Post, Reel, or Story:

Instagram Post:

  1. Open Instagram and click on the plus sign to start a new post.
  2. Select a photo or video you wish to share.
  3. Make any edits and tap or click “Next.”
  4. Tap or click the music note at the top of the screen to add audio.
  5. Select a song from the list or search for one.
  6. Move the trimmer along the audio bar to highlight the song clip you want to play.
  7. Tap or click “Done” to add the music to your post.

Ig reel:

  1. Swipe to the Reels tab at the bottom of the Instagram camera.
  2. Record your reel or upload a video from your gallery.
  3. After recording, tap the music icon to add a song.
  4. Browse the music library or search for a specific track.
  5. Select the portion of the song you want to include in your reel.
  6. Finalize your reel with any other edits or effects, then share.

IG Story:

  1. Capture or Import Your Instagram Story.
  2. Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen and choose the music sticker.
  3. This will open the Instagram music library where you’ll find thousands of songs to choose from.
  4. Choose the exact part of the song that fits your story.
  5. You can also choose how long you want the music clip to play for (the maximum is 15 seconds).
  6. Choose your desired format for how the music will be displayed.
  7. Share your story with the added music.

However, the process is intuitive and designed to be user-friendly, so you can easily make your Instagram content more lively and engaging with your favorite tunes.

What Is The Difference Between Instagram Posts, Reel, And Story

Instagram offers a variety of ways to share content, each with its own unique features and purposes. Nevertheless, here’s a breakdown of the differences between an Instagram post, reel, and story:


  1. Posts are the traditional way to share content on Instagram. However, they appear on your profile and in the feeds of your followers.
  2. Posts can be photos or videos, and they remain on your profile until you decide to delete them.
  3. You can also add captions, tags, and location information to your posts.
  4. Posts are discoverable through hashtags and can be liked, commented on, and shared.


  1. Reels are Instagram’s answer to the short-form video trend, similar to TikTok.
  2. They allow you to create and share up to 90-second videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools.
  3. Reels can be shared with your followers and can also be discovered by the wider Instagram community through the Explore page.
  4. They are designed to be entertaining and can help you reach a larger audience.


  1. Stories are temporary videos or slideshows that disappear after 24 hours.
  2. They are displayed at the top of the app and can be viewed by your followers or anyone if you have a public profile.
  3. Stories are more candid and can include various interactive features like polls, questions, and music.
  4. They are great for sharing quick updates and engaging with your audience in real-time.

Furthermore, posts are permanent and good for standard updates, reels are for short-form entertainment and broader reach, and stories are for temporary, interactive content. Additionally, each serves a different purpose and can be used strategically depending on your content goals.

Are There Selected Music Offered By Instagram?

Yes, Instagram offers a selection of music that users can add to their posts, reels, and stories. Also, this music library includes a wide range of songs from various artists and genres, allowing users to find the perfect track to complement their content. Additionally, Instagram has made deals with music industry rights-holders to allow the use of copyrighted music on the platform, providing users with a legitimate and diverse selection of tracks to enhance their posts.

What Kinds Of Music Does Instagram Reject

Instagram generally rejects the use of copyrighted music that users do not have the rights or proper licenses to use. Meanwhile, while Instagram has made deals with music industry rights-holders to allow some use of copyrighted music on the platform, there are still guidelines to follow:

1. Live Performances:

Music recorded from live performances is usually permitted. However, if you attend a concert and share Stories, Reels, or Instagram Live videos of the gig, you should be okay.

2. Music in Stories:

Using ‘Music in Stories’ is permitted wholly.

3. Short Clips:

In general, video clips containing music should be short. Although, there is no clear definition of ‘short’, it’s recommended to aim for short-form content when in doubt.

4. Video Component:

There should always be a video component when using copyrighted music; recorded audio should not be the primary purpose of the video.

Furthermore, if you’re in a country that doesn’t currently allow the use of copyrighted music on Instagram, you may need to seek alternative options such as collaborating with artists, seeking the rights for individual songs, or using a safe-to-use catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram Music, and how is it used?

Instagram Music is a feature within the Instagram app that allows users to add a musical overlay to their Stories. Also, you can search for songs, choose the perfect segment of a track, and overlay it onto your photo or video content before sharing. However, this feature enhances the storytelling aspect of Instagram, making posts more engaging and personal.

Can Instagram Music impact the reach of your posts?

 Yes! Incorporating Instagram Music can impact the reach of your Furthermore, music makes content more engaging, increasing the likelihood of viewers watching the Story until the end, sharing it, or taking other actions. Additionally, when users search for a specific song on Instagram, Stories that use that song may appear in the search results, further extending reach.

Are there any restrictions on using Instagram Music?

 Absolutely. Due to licensing agreements, some songs may not be available to all users or in all regions. However, business accounts have a more limited selection of music than personal accounts. Additionally, it’s essential to be aware of these restrictions to avoid copyright issues. For instance, certain tracks may be unavailable to business accounts due to licensing terms.


In the digital age, where social media platforms serve as a canvas for creativity, Instagram stands out by seamlessly blending visuals and music to craft compelling narratives. Furthermore, the ability to add music to posts, reels, and stories transcends being just a feature it becomes a powerful means of expressing identity, setting the mood, and telling a story. Also, utilizing this tool effectively can amplify your message, evoke deep emotions, and forge a stronger connection with your audience. Additionally, whether it’s a permanent post, a trend-setting reel, or a fleeting story, music serves as the heartbeat of Instagram content.

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