Is A MacBook Pro Better Than A Laptop?

Is A MacBook Pro Better Than A Laptop

This question has become a trendy topic of debate and for good reason. Both the Macbook Pro and laptop have great features and capabilities and the best of the two is entirely relative. 

Apple’s Macbook Pro stands out for its sleek and elegant design and offers an easy interface that integrates seamlessly with other Apple devices while the conventional laptop provides very powerful and versatile performance that meets a host of demands for users of all skill levels. Both devices have their advantages that cater to different user profiles. 

So whether you are a professional looking for a seamless design and a user-friendly interface or a student on a budget seeking versatility, the best option depends on your needs and preferences. 

Now the real question is which device is best for you, the Macbook Pro or the Windows laptop?

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro is one of the two types of MacBook. It is the higher-end lineup in the MacBook family, sitting above MacBook Air. It is equipped with an array of ports for connecting high-speed peripherals, driving high-resolution displays, and supports both Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. Coupled with a chic look and beautiful design, it features a smart keyboard that makes typing or programming super easy and the macOS Sonoma platform that offers versatility for a range of activities amongst other things. 


Laptops include all other PCs not produced by Apple. These systems offer a huge range of software for every purpose, high performance, and a variety of models to choose from. They are affordable and have a low cost of repair and maintenance as opposed to Macbooks.  

Macbook Pro or Laptop – Which is Better?

Before deciding which computers are good for you, there are things you should consider including the software compatibility, operating system, hardware, display, the quality of the build, and even the cost. These are all crucial parts that affect user experience. 

Operating system

MacOS is a UNIX-based system. Although there have been some tweaks and visual overhauls, it hasn’t changed much since its inception. This means that menu items, buttons, and overall look are consistent. For example, you will find the File menu in the same place regardless of the program you use. 

The Windows operating system is a different ballgame. Over the years, it has undergone several changes with noticeable differences. Windows 10 and Windows 11 are the two most recent programs and they have similarities with the MacOS. They share the same slick, glassy appearance, a centered taskbar, and rounded corners. 

Both operating systems offer good visual perspective to their users but in terms of ease of use, MacOS does a better job. 

Software Ecosystem

Apple’s ecosystem is a beautiful one. Thanks to the continuity functionality, it integrates seamlessly with other Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, or iWatches. You can so much as copy a link on your iPhone and paste it on your Macbook. The Apple keychain carries your passwords across your other devices which means that you don’t need to memorize passwords to open your devices. 

While it’s great it has its own limitations. Apple’s ecosystem is often described as a walled garden because it does not function very well with Android devices. 

Privacy is another major perk of Apple’s ecosystem and Apple sometimes uses it as a selling point to market its products over competitors. 

Price Range

If you are working on a tight budget you may want to consider a laptop but if you would to splurge, a Macbook Pro might just be right for you. 

Windows laptops are generally cheaper than Macbooks and still offer great quality. Currently, Macbook Pro 14-inch M2 Pro is sold at $1,999. But you can find a Windows laptop like the Acer Aspire Vero 10 for $100 less. It comes with more CPU cores, a larger memory, and a bigger SSD. 

With the wide variety of laptops available you are guaranteed to find a Windows laptop cheaper than a Macbook offering great features. 

Build and Variety

When it comes to aesthetics, Macbooks are superb. The designs are on another level. For example, Mac hinges have been so developed in a way that you can open your Mac with one hand and the screen sits firmly in whichever position you put it without wobbling.

There are Windows laptops with really great hinges too. Dell’s dual-clutch hinges on its XPS lineup, and Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7i Pro X are some good examples.  

Another amazing perk of the Macbook Pro is the keyboard, especially the latest ones. You will find it very convenient to use whether you are a writer or a programmer. It has just enough travel distance between keys, not too much to slow you down and not too little to feel odd in your hands. 

Modern laptops have membrane keyboards which have thinner keys that help to keep laptops thin. These keyboards do not provide the same tactile response as mechanical keyboards but you can find laptops especially gaming ones that give fantastic user experience. 

When it comes to color, Macbook Pros come in only two colors; silver and gray while laptops come in a variety of colors giving you a lot more choice colorour and design than with Macbooks. 

Battery Life and Internals

The latest versions of the Macbook Pro and Windows laptops are premium workstations but when it comes down to performance, the Macbook Pro gets the upper hand.  

Let’s take for instance, Macbook Pro 16 (M3, 2023) has a brighter Mini LED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a significantly better webcam, a wider port selection, better performance, and longer battery life than Dell XPS 15 (2023). The battery can last up to 15 hours of light use, depending on your workload. 

XPS 15 on the other hand has a good battery life lasting up to 13 hours of light use. Compared to the Macbook Pro, it is more portable and features user-replaceable RAM and storage which allows you to replace or upgrade the components yourself. 

Longevity and Resale Value

You may be wondering what the resale value of your computer would be if you decide to trade or upgrade in the future. Among other benefits of the Macbooks is their high longevity and resale value. They do not lose value easily. You can use a Macbook for a long period and it would still retain its fresh, stylish, and minimalist look which contributes to its value in the second-hand market. These workstations have a lower risk of malware compared to PCs. This means that you can fetch a good price for your Mac at any point you choose to sell it. A Windows laptop? Not so much. The major reason is due to the wide range of options and manufacturers available in the market. However, this also depends on the build, model, brand, and overall condition of your device. 

Gaming and graphics

When it comes to gaming, it’s safe to say Windows beat Apple hands down. If you are a gaming enthusiast you might want to consider a laptop. While MacBooks can handle light gaming, laptops are more suitable due to their wider selection of games, better graphic options, and ability to be upgraded.  Many Windows laptops offer dedicated graphic cards which makes them perfect for gaming and tasks that are graphics intensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of MacBook Pro?

The following are some potential disadvantages associated with using a MacBook Pro:

  • Steep Price
  • Limited Hardware Options
  • Gaming Performance is not so great
  • Limited Ports
  • Not upgradable
  • High costs of repair 
  • Closed Ecosystem

What are the benefits of MacBook over Windows?

There are fewer viruses created for OS X because there are fewer Apple products compared to laptops. Also, Apple tightly controls the software on its devices which results in much less bloatware installed on new systems. 

Which is faster Macbook or laptop?

Macbooks are faster compared to conventional laptops because they feature powerful processors and graphics chips. They offer the best performance and battery life.


The Macbook Pro provides seamless integration between other Apple devices, an optimized operating system for efficient performance and multitasking, great battery life, and a steeper price that can be an investment if you choose to upgrade or resell. 

A laptop, on the other hand, offers a variety of models and brands, unbeatable gaming capabilities, compatibility with a wider range of applications, more options for customization to suit users’ needs, and a lower purchase price. 

In the end, the best laptop is all based on individual preferences, needs, and budget constraints. 

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