There are a lot of investment apps from which one can choose. Before selecting, it’s very crucial to think about your reason for investing, the time range for your investment, and what you’d hope to get out of it.

Are you ready to invest? Great decision! Investing your spare money is a great way to elevate your financial freedom

In the olden days, it was necessary for you to have prerequisite knowledge about investing before getting started (Or at the very least have enough money at hand to hire someone who has that knowledge).

This is no longer necessary. You have lots of easy ways to invest which you can start from your phone. And it is also possible for you to open an account with a minimum of $0 balance.

All investments apps weren’t created equally, so its a great thing to know which app performs excellently and deserves your attention.

In this post, we will share with you the best investment apps, to begin with — as well as the reasons why they are the best.

5 Best Nigerian Investment Apps Of 2020

Here are 5 of the best investment applications in Nigeria for any investor to use right away:


trove app
Trove Investment App
The Trove is an investment application that enables you to buy Nigerian stocks, Chinese and US stocks wherever you are in Nigeria.

As of before, it was almost impossible to invest in the US stocks from Nigeria but all thanks go to the development in technology; it has now been made possible from the comfort of your home. And this makes Trove one of the most used investment apps.

Trove offers you the feasibility of investing with as low as 1,000 Naira. It includes top Nigerian companies such as Dangote cement, Jumia and other international brands like Netflix, Microsoft, etc.

Trove has a rating of 4 out of 5 on Google play store and through people’s comments it shows that the app has a good number of positive reviews.

–A one-time payment of $5 is needed to access a US brokerage account
–It features a feasible investment rate
–It enables you to automate your investment by linking directly to your debit card
–It’s available both on the Google play store and Apple store.

Click here to download the Android app and  IOS app.


PiggyVest app
The PiggyVest application is a savings and investment programme that enables you to earn interest while saving. It is one of the most used investment apps that offers you better interest rates for your savings.

Nonetheless, the app also offers great investment plans which enables you to invest in various companies while earning an interest rate.

In addition, you also have the choice to secure funds for a fixed period of time before you are allowed to access your funds. And during this fixed time you earn a 13% interest rate over your funds.

PiggyVest also offers various investment and savings options like flex dollars, flex naira, investing and safe lock.

–The amazing investment plan enables you to earn nothing lower than 25% interest rate over your capital.
–PiggyVest rewards loyal customers with points, 1 point is equivalent to 10 Naira.
–It offers you feasibility to earn while you save. You earn between 10%-15.5% interest rate over your capital.

Click here to download the Android App and  IOS app.


bamboo app

InvestBamboo is an investment programme which features more than 3500 stocks that are listed on the Nigerian and US stock exchange and as soon as you become a user you have unrestricted access to them.

Users have the option to fund their accounts with Naira, dollar or any local currency and then start trading. Bamboo app offers a really transparent charge policy which makes it extremely suitable for newbies.

Bamboo has been fully launched in Nigeria as one of the most used investment apps in the country and hopes to spread to other African countries too.

With the amazing 2FA verification operation which is offered by Bamboo you can be rest assured that your investment is well protected.

Bamboo’s rating on Google play store is 3.7 (194 ratings) and a rating of 4.9 (19 ratings) on the Apple store.

–Bamboo offers its users unrestricted access to more than 3,000 US and Nigerian stocks.
–It also offers high bank-level security with 2-factor authentication verification (2FA) and a data encryption.
–It is well protected by the Nigerian and US security.

Click here to download the Android App and IOS app.


wealth ng is another great investment platform which gives you the ability to invest in foreign stocks with any currency. Plus, also enables you to invest in real estate and agriculture.

Fixed income product is amongst the best investments to choose as an investor. With the fixed income security,you get amazing interest payments yearly for as long as you hold the asset.

To earn bigger profits you should invest in agriculture through the agricultural investment plan. Your funds will be put into any farm of your choice and you get to track your investment.

In addition, the real estate investment plan is also an astounding deal for most investors. You don’t necessarily need millions to acquire a real estate stock. With app, it is possible for you to invest as little as 10,000 Naira and enjoy more than 18% interest rate every year.

On the Google play store has a rating of 3.3 and on the Apple store has a rating of 3.8.

– is free and doesn’t need any fee
–Offers various investment plans such as real estate, Eurobonds, treasury bills and agriculture.

Click here to download the Android App  and   IOS app



Cowrywise is actually more of a savings app than an investment app. It helps you to acquire interest through a savings account.

Nonetheless, cowrywise also enables users invest in requited funds.

With as low an amount as 100 Naira, you can start saving on the cowrywise platform.

–It offers various types of investment and savings plans which you can choose from.
–The minimum time range for investments and savings is 3 months.
–The app offers Halal savings for Muslims.
–Cowrywise doesn’t charge its users any SMS or account maintenance fee.

Click here to download the  Android  App and  IOS app

How Do I Use an Investment App?

Investment apps are easy ways to buy and sell stocks and also other various assets from the comfort of your home. The different apps on this list all have various features, but the main functions are really similar. Below are the simple procedures to operating and investment app:

1. Sign up on your favoured investment app on your mobile phone.
2. Link it to your bank and fund your account.
3. Select your very first investment asset and proceed to buy a share.
4.With time track the performance of your shares.
5. Trade your various assets and overhaul your portfolio as you deem fit.

How Much Money Do I Need to Invest?

Some investment apps need a really high minimum amount to start with. Nonetheless, no one of the apps on this list requires a high minimum amount so you can always open an account with no balance.

Various brokerages on this list offer you the ability to start with $5 or less than. If the brokerage doesn’t charge a fee to either buy or sell, it might even be more practical to invest with a really small amount of money.

Pros and Cons of Investment Apps:

–Very easy to manage accounts and invest from anywhere using an internet connection.
–Always keep track of your portfolio balance.

–It might be really difficult to disconnect
–Not all the features are made available on the mobile apps.
–Managing and tracking investments on small screens can be extremely challenging for some users.

How Should I Choose an App?

Every single investor has his/her very own unique needs, so there isn’t a perfect investment app that everyone should use. Rather its more beneficial to look deeply at your investment goals, personal goals and how you intend to manage your investments before selecting the right app.

It is also necessary to go through the costs and fees as those can really affect your investment benefits over time. Do not ever invest in a thing you don’t understand and never sign up for an investing service if you have doubts about it.

How We Chose the Best Investment Apps

In order to put together this list, we considered at least 20 various investment apps. The apps that finally made our list were picked for their unique features, pricing, easy to use, available assets and the various account types supported. All apps on this list are available on both Google play store and the Apple store.


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