How Much Do Smart Door Locks Cost? | Best Smart Locks?

How Much Do Smart Door Locks Cost

Smart door locks are one of the most popular and convenient smart home devices that can enhance your security and comfort. But how much do smart door locks cost, and what are the best smart locks for your needs?

In this article, we at Ems Gadget will answer these questions and more, focusing on smart doorbell locks, which combine a smart lock with a video doorbell for extra functionality. Additionally, whether you want to unlock your door with a code, an app, a fingerprint, or a voice command, there is a smart doorbell lock that suits your budget and preferences.

About the Smart Doorbell Locks

For further functionality, a smart lock and video doorbell can be combined to create a smart doorbell lock. Using your smartphone or voice assistant, you may use a smart doorbell lock to see who is at your door, speak with them, and give them remote access. A smart doorbell lock can also detect motion, record and save visitor video, and notify you when someone rings the bell or tries to tamper with the lock. By enabling remote door management and activity monitoring, a smart doorbell lock can improve your home’s security, convenience, and comfort.

Why Use a Smart Door Lock

A smart doorbell lock offers many benefits over a traditional lock, such as:

  • Keyless entry: You can unlock your door with a code, an app, a fingerprint, or a voice command, without the hassle of carrying or losing keys.
  • Remote access: You can lock or unlock your door from anywhere you have an internet connection, as well as check the status of your door and receive notifications.
  • Guest access: You can create and share temporary or permanent codes or e-keys with your family, friends, or service providers, and set limitations for when and how long they can access your home.
  • Smart home integration: You can connect your smart lock to other smart home devices and platforms, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Philips Hue, etc., and create scenes and routines for automation and convenience.
  • Enhanced security: You can use features like auto-locking, tamper alarms, door status sensors, biometric verification, etc., to protect your home from break-ins and unauthorized access.

How Much Do Smart Door Locks Cost

The kind, features, and capacities of the lock, and even the price of installation and upkeep, can all affect how much a smart doorbell lock costs.

Some sources state that the typical cost of a smart door lock is between $50 and $2,200, with the majority of high-quality locks costing approximately $200. Depending on labor costs and installation complexity, a smart door lock installation typically costs $202. Depending on how often the lock is used and how long it lasts, servicing a smart door lock may involve changing software, changing batteries, fixing or replacing parts, etc.

Best Smart Locks in 2024

Based on these factors and some expert reviews, some of the best smart locks in 2024 are:

#1. Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock:

The best smart lock overall, with a stylish design, a responsive keypad, a simple app, and robust security, but only works with other Nest smart home devices.

#2. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock:

The best smart lock for HomeKit users, with a compact design, a versatile app, built-in Wi-Fi, and wide compatibility with other smart home platforms and devices.

#3. Eufy Video Smart Lock:

The best lock and video doorbell combination, with a sleek design, a high-quality camera, a fingerprint scanner, a keypad, and a long battery life, but lacks smart home integration.

#4. Bosma Aegis Smart Lock:

The best smart lock for quiet operation, with a simple design, a smooth app, a door status sensor, and a silent motor, requires a separate Wi-Fi bridge and video doorbell.

#5. Igloohome Padlock 2 and Bridge:

The best smart padlock, with a sturdy design, a fingerprint scanner, a keypad, a long battery life, and remote access via a Wi-Fi bridge, lacks smart home integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the battery dies or the power goes out?

Most smart locks have low-battery alerts and backup options, such as a physical key, a backup battery, or a micro-USB port, to prevent lockouts.

How secure are smart door locks?

Smart door locks are generally secure, as they use encryption, authentication, and verification methods to prevent hacking and unauthorized access. However, they are not immune to cyberattacks, physical attacks, or human errors, so it is important to use strong passwords, update software, and follow best practices.

Can I lock and unlock my smart door lock from anywhere?

Yes, if your smart door lock has Wi-Fi connectivity or is connected to a Wi-Fi bridge, you can lock and unlock it from anywhere you have an internet connection. However, if your smart door lock only has Bluetooth connectivity, you can only lock and unlock it within a certain range.

Can I add more users to my smart door lock?

 Yes, most smart door locks allow you to add more users and grant them different levels of access, such as permanent, temporary, or scheduled. You can also monitor and manage the users and their activities through the app.

How do I install a smart door lock?

The installation process of a smart door lock depends on the type and model of the lock, but generally, it involves removing the existing lock, installing the new lock, and setting up the app. You may need some basic tools, such as a screwdriver, a drill, or a tape measure, and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can hire a professional installer to do the job for you.


Smart door locks are technologically advanced devices that improve the security and convenience of your home by enabling remote door control and activity monitoring from your doorstep. The types, features, and capacities of smart door locks vary, as can their cost, installation, and upkeep. Keyless entry, remote access, guest access, smart home integration, and increased security are just a few advantages that come with smart door locks. However, there are some disadvantages as well, like short battery life, compatibility problems, and hacker potential. A common and expanding trend in home automation is smart door locks, which can be an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and home security.

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