Smart Tech for Parents: Gadgets to Simplify Parenthood


Smart tech for home comes with multiple gadgets that simplify parenthood and we will be touching each of them so you can make your choice of gadgets to simplify parenting. In this article, we will look at different gadgets like smart sleepers, smart thermometers, smart bottled water, etc.


Are you worried about all the stress that comes with parenthood? We understand all involved with raising children especially if you work for very long hours. Even if you’re yet to have children but you’re making plans for that we still got you covered. In this article, we present you with a smart tech home with an emphasis on gadgets to simplify parenthood.

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Why Should I Consider Smart Tech For Home?

There are lots of reasons why you should consider smart tech for your home. You get to save time, do your daily tasks conveniently, and get better quality sleep. With enhanced safety features you can worry less about your child’s safety. Also, those smart devices can be connected to your mobile phones or PCs with great monitoring tools and support. With all these and more you must now be convinced about why you should invest in smart tech for your home.

10 Smart Tech for Parents

#1. Smart Thermometer

This is a great gadget for the home as you can monitor your baby’s temperature with very little effort. When you place a silicon patch on your baby’s armpit, the patch sends the temperature data to the thermometer at very frequent intervals. The thermometer then sends real-time data to your smartphone.

You can always keep an eye on your baby’s temperature by receiving alerts when its temperature exceeds normal limits. This smart tech makes you a proactive parent. You can respond to any abnormalities in time. This is a very great way to maintain good health for your child.

#2. Smart Crib

This smart tech for the home includes a built-in baby monitor that actively monitors your baby’s sound and movements. It then sends you alerts at frequent intervals. You are sure to be alerted if it detects noise or if your baby is about to roll over.

The smart crib also comes with a feature that plays lullabies to keep your baby calm at all points. You don’t have to worry about your child in the nursery or even if they’re left with the nanny at home as this smart tech gives you more confidence. Noise and disturbances are sent as alerts to the phone app. In cases where there is an emergency, you can act fast to ensure your baby is always safe and healthy at all times.

#3. Smart Baby Sound Machine

Another intriguing smart tech for your home is the smart baby sound machine. If you have a newborn in the house, it becomes very essential to maintain calmness at home. This smart device offers a great solution. It does not only keep your baby calm but it provides a serene environment for you.

This smart machine is equipped with remote control features that can be accessed with your smartphone. The device allows you to adjust the sound levels and select soothing sounds anywhere in your home.

It can also play lullaby and good white noise for your baby. If your little one experiences challenges with getting sleep, this smart tech can establish a soothing rhythm to aid them in having a wonderful sleep. Some of these machines come with a nightlight to present a calm glow.

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#4. Smart Breathing and Roll-Over Monitor

Monitoring your baby can be very challenging especially when they are in their cribs. The smart breathing and rollover monitor would take away your worries with all of its amazing features. You are sure your baby is sleeping without disturbance while you keep an eye on them.

This smart tech will alert you if it detects unusual breathing or if your baby rolls on their stomach. You would have details of your baby’s breathing pattern and all their moves sent directly via notifications on your smartphone. This smart tech ensures a very safe home.

#5. Smart Bottle Warmer

A smart bottle warmer is a must-have especially when it comes to feeding your baby. It could be when you’re at home or even when you’re out with your baby. This device is very essential as it ensures your baby’s milk is heated quickly and accurately. Your mind is at rest because all temperature concerns will be eliminated. It comes with both cooling and heating components which guarantees a steady supply of warmed milk for your child. Another intriguing fact about this smart tech is that you can easily control it with your smartphone.

This smart gadget would be your choice if convenience is your priority for a bottle warmer. By simply tapping your phone, you can have a warm bottle of milk ready for your baby.

#6. Smart Changing Pad With WiFi Scale

Are you a parent seeking to track your baby’s growth? If yes then a smart Changing pad with a Wi-Fi scale is a very great tool for you. It’s one of many outstanding tech gadgets that connects to your smartphone providing real-time data on your baby’s weight.It periodically sends alerts to your phone ensuring you’re up to date and you can point out any fluctuations in your baby’s weight. You can know when your baby is adding excess weight or losing weight and then act quickly to ensure your baby’s weight is in a healthy range.Many healthy babies grow in homes where adequate attention is given and with this smart device, your baby is included in this category.

#7. Smart Baby Swing

A smart baby swing is another must-have smart tech for your home as it offers lots of advantages. This is a wonderful device that aids your baby to sleep peacefully and it also creates an optimal environment for learning. It has great features like gentle swinging motions, music playback, and remote control through your smartphone. It provides convenience for parents and can also be easily controlled with your smartphone. You can set different parameters like duration, swing speed, and many more to give your little one a great experience.

#8. Smart Light and Songs

This is another smart solution that helps your little one sleep calmly. It solves the problems associated with sleep at home. It brings a mix of calming lights and lullabies which induces relaxation for your baby. You can also customise the lighting effects and the sound through your smartphone.This is wonderful tech if you want to avoid disturbances and inconvenience when attending to your child at night.

#9. Smart Toys

Smart Toys is also a good consideration for a smart home. It has many devices, most of which can interact with your child. Children tend to show great amazement when exposed to these devices. They provide entertainment and learning while also keeping the baby happy.These smart toys come with features that can play music and dance to their tunes. However, it’s important to ensure their safety. You should do good research before purchasing because some of these toys might not be suitable for much younger children. With a smart toy for your child, you would be amazed to see how it brings long hours of entertainment and learning for your child. These toys significantly contribute to making a happy home.

#10. Smart Plugs

Even if some of your devices aren’t made like those we’ve mentioned so far, you aren’t still left out. Smart plugs help you transform electronic devices into smart ones. It helps you manage a wide range of devices like light switches, coffee makers, lamps, and more so easily from your smartphone. It makes it very convenient, giving you peace of mind.

#11. Smart Parents Use Smart Gadgets

You might have heard a couple of times that you should work smart, not hard. Well, we’re here to uphold that idea. All you need is your smartphone and you’d be and you’d be able to monitor your child’s growth at all points. Investment in smart tech for home is a very great way to reduce stress while also increasing productivity in other areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Tech for Home

What are smart home devices?

Smart home devices are devices at home that are connected to a smartphone and intelligently interact with other devices. They provide great reliability and convenience.

Is smart tech for home affordable?

Smart tech is generally affordable. However, if you’re very careful with expenses, it’s necessary to be very clear on the smart devices for your needs, especially those that are most important to you. This way, you’d be able to cut costs on unnecessary spending.

Can smart home devices be hacked?

Generally, many devices can be hacked but that shouldn’t cause panic as most of this smart home tech comes with very strong security measures. They work with mobile applications on your smartphone that guarantee security.

Does home automation increase home value?

Home automation increases the value of a home by a great percentage. These smart devices reduce many frictions faced thereby increasing value.

What Smart devices for the home are available today?

There is a wide range of smart devices available today. Smart cribs, smart bottle warmers, smart lights, and many more are examples of innovative solutions for the home.


You’re now set to acquire your devices for a smart home. It’s always very important to read the manufacturer’s guide and follow the instructions given to prolong the service life of the device. A thorough examination of any health hazards would also be a good idea.

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