The 5 Best Smart Rings For 2024

Best Smart Rings

As technology keeps advancing, smartwatches are now beginning to look like a burden which has pushed more users to adopt smart rings. Smart rings can do almost everything that a smartwatch can do. Tracking a wide range of metrics like activity, sleep, and wellness can be done with a smart ring. Aside from tracking these metrics, they are also lightweight, water resistant, and have long battery life. One major drawback of smart rings is the absence of a screen. However, they come with apps that help you integrate them into your mobile phones to give you the best experience. The Oura brand has stood as a leader in the smart ring market for many years. Currently, there are many emerging brands coming up every day making it a more competitive space.

Best Smart Rings

In this article, we present you with the top 5 best smart rings in 2024. We also explore how distinctive they are and their major limitations.

#1. Oura Ring Gen3


Made of lightweight titanium, 4-7 days battery life, compatible with iOS and Android, water resistant, full charge within 20 to 80 minutes, free sizing kit.


The ring is lightweight and fits naturally on the finger. It charges quickly and receives automatic firmware updates. It also operates in airplane mode.


It has a monthly membership fee of $6 and no half-sizes are available.

The Oura ring is a very smart tool to track health and wellness. This smart ring can be used while performing different activities like working, running, yoga, and sleeping. The app can present your sleep and activity in a concise form, giving you insights into your overall health. It can capture your different stress levels at different moments.

One of the amazing features of this smart ring is its ability to give you a simplified overall score accompanied by detailed charts monitoring key metrics like body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. When it senses stress, it adjusts goals accordingly. For instance, when it detects your body temperature to be significantly high, it would suggest that you prioritise rest and recovery.

Many positive testimonies have been given from users of this smart ring. Users found it to be very helpful as it overwhelmed them with data but instead, provided actionable insights and solutions. Also, the ability to offer over 50 guided meditation options helped to alleviate stress and improve sleep quality making the Oura smart ring an excellent choice among other smart rings.

The Oura ring’s form factor and integrations are impressive as well. It holds lots of valuable information despite its sleek design. It can also easily sync with popular health apps like Apple Health and Google Fit. This allows you to track their daily and monthly metrics from your mobile devices.

#2. RingConn Smart Ring


Titanium material, seven days battery life, sizing of 6 to 14, IP68 waterproof rating, compatible with iOS and Android, charging case.


It has a long battery life. It’s also helpful with extensive data


It doesn’t share with third-party apps except for Apple Health. There is also an absence of a readiness score.

If you’re looking for a monthly subscription fee, then the RingConn smart ring would be ideal for you. For $279, it has features that can be compared to the Oura or Evie Ring including heart rate, SPO2, and sleep tracking for men, women, and other genders. You only purchase the initial cost of a RingConn ring, unlike the Oura ring which has a $6 membership fee.

It has extensive data tracking capabilities. Also, this smart ring provides the convenience of easily switching connected smartphones. Its data-tracking capabilities make it a standout in the smart ring market.

Additionally, the RingConn smart ring has a long battery life that can last up to seven days. It also has a charging case that provides an additional 500mAh battery which is capable of powering the ring for up to 150 days.

#3. Go2sleep Ring


Acrylic/PC plus ABC plastics, three days battery life, compatible on iOS and Android, three sizes of silicone finger covers, waterproof, two hours magnetic charging.


It has a sleep tracking focus, supports airplane mode, continuous upgrades, and a one-year warranty.


You would need to remove the ring to generate reports.

The Go2sleep ring was specifically designed for tracking sleep, monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability. It’s very useful for people with sleep conditions as it offers them insights into their sleep hours and sleep quality. The app provides comprehensive sleep data that helps users to better understand their sleep patterns.

With sleep data obtained, you can share this data with family members and compare your sleep habits. You can also download a sleep report as an Excel file for medical providers. The ring has an AHI tracker that monitors sleep apnea occurrences. Though this feature is not approved by the FDA, it offers an affordable option for investigating sleep apnea. This is a great feature that sets the Go2sleep ring apart as many other smart rings cannot detect sleep apnea.

This smart ring also uses technology to wake you up during your lightest sleep phase with gentle vibrations to help you wake up feeling more refreshed. It also syncs with the Health app on IOS devices and includes a function to help you locate the device if it’s lost. Generally, when it comes to sleep tracking with other unique features, your best choice of smart ring should be the Go2sleep ring.

#4. Evie Ring


Liquid metal material, Silver, rose gold, and gold colors, water resistant up to 1 meter, Bluetooth connectivity, up to 4 days battery life.


Designed especially for women, gives standard medical-grade health data. It also tracks sleep, activity, and menstrual cycle.


It’s only available for women and can only be accessed on the iOS app

The Evie ring stands out among other smart rings with many exciting features. It will be the first medically approved smart ring if it receives FDA clearance for its pulse oximeter. It’s also the first smart ring that is specifically designed for women’s health needs. When it was showcased at the CES 2024, the amazing features left spectators highly impressed.

The Evie ring has new smart features like mood-predicting capability which is heavily backed by data with some features that leverage artificial intelligence according to the company. Apart from monitoring vital signs, the ring tracks different aspects like sleep, activity, steps, mood, symptoms, and calories, giving a very clear, understandable overview of your health. It also tracks menstrual cycles with the data collected.

It also allows you to log your moods at different points after which it gives you insights into how your mood fluctuates about factors like mental menstrual cycle. Evie ring, among other smart rings, doesn’t just give a holistic view of your health, it also presents data that can assist you in understanding the core reasons for your health trends.

However, this ring has its limitations as it’s notably exclusive to women. The Evie app is also not available on the Google Play store which makes it unavailable for Android users. Customers have also reported an increased waiting time for the ring’s delivery despite their initial expectations of delivery in January.

#5. Ultrahuman Ring Air


Titanium material coated with tungsten carbide carbon, matte grey, aster black, bionic gold colors, water resistant up to 330 feet, Bluetooth connectivity, up to 6 days battery life.


Very comfortable to wear, ideal for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Uses AI-powered data to give helpful insights.


Battery life doesn’t last the duration it was promised.

If you’re very concerned about tracking your micros and macros, steps, and training for athletic pursuits, then the Ultrahuman Ring Air should be your best smart ring choice. It is specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts who would love to optimize their mental and physical energy levels throughout the day. It also provides very comprehensive insights from morning to night with reminders on caffeine consumption, sun exposure, movement breaks, and relaxation strategies.

The app has a user-friendly presentation of data and while providing specific insights directly on the homepage, it takes out any need for extensive searching. On the home page, it displays important health metrics like body temperature and heart rate data and then offers guidance on how to use these insights for energy or rest.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is a great choice for both discretion and comfort. It maintains a sleek matte sheen without showing any signs of wear, unlike other smart rings. However, being a newer brand in the smart ring market, it has its limitations. Users on Reddit have reported issues like lower HRV data and tracking inaccuracies. Mohit Kumar who happens to be the founder has promised to address these challenges with their regular software updates. The Ultrahuman Ring Air despite its initial flaws provides amazing features to optimise daily performance and wellbeing which makes it an excellent choice of smart ring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Smart Rings

What are smart rings?

Smart rings are wearable devices, usually on the fingers, that are capable of sensing different health metrics and relaying comprehensive data.

What are the disadvantages of smart rings?

One major disadvantage is that they don’t have screens. Other disadvantages could be its high purchase cost of recurring membership fees.

What problems do smart rings solve?

Smart rings solve a wide range of problems from tracking your overall wellness to recommending practical ways to stay fit.

How long do smart rings last?

Smart rings have a service life of up to four years. They also have battery life that can last up to 10 days from full charge.

What is the best finger to wear a smart ring on?

For optimal performance, a smart ring is best recommended to be worn on your index finger.

Are smart rings waterproof?

Yes! Many smart rings are waterproof because of their high chance of exposure to water.


Smart rings are great products with their advantages heavily outweighing their limitations. They’re a great choice of product to help you stay well and fit every day. It’s important to always purchase the smart ring that best fits you.

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