Starfield Console Commands and Cheats List for 2024


The Starfield Console Commands provide access to a parallel universe within the game, allowing you to become a galactic architect and express your creativity. Hence, if you enjoy playing Starfield on PC, you can take advantage of console commands to unlock doors and containers and activate more features and characters in the game.


With the console commands and cheats, the entire galaxy becomes your canvas, allowing you to modify gravity, produce legendary creatures, and even transform planets at will. This Console Commands and Cheats list covers all you need to know, including how to enable cheats and spawn any item in the game. Thus, be sure to carefully read this post, so you can get the cheat that appeals to you.

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How to Use Starfield Console Commands 

To use Starfield cheats, you need to open the command console. To open the command console on PC, hit either the “@” key on the keyboard.

If that doesn’t work, hit the key just below ESC on the keyboard. This will be the Grave (`) key on English keyboards, or the Tilde (~) key on American English keyboards.

After opening the console, you may type the console commands you wish to use into the command line area one at a time. In addition, console commands in Starfield are not case-sensitive, so you can decide to use either capital letters or not.

Starfield Console Commands and Cheats List for 2024

These are the best Starfield console commands and cheats that you may useful:

  • tgm – God Mode. Makes you invincible and gives you unlimited ammo.
  • tim – Immortal Mode. You can take damage but your health will never hit 0.
  • player.additem f [value] – Infinite money.
  • player.additem a [value] – Infinite Digipicks.
  • player.setav carryweight 999999 – Infinite Carry Capacity.
  • player.additem [item id] [value] – Spawns the specified item in your inventory.
  • player.placeatme [item id] [value] – Spawns the specified item or creature in front of you.
  • player.setlevel [value] – Sets your character to the specified level.
  • player.addperk [perk id] – Adds the specified skill, trait, or background.
  • player.paycrimegold 0 0 [faction id] – Pay Off Bounties for a specific Faction.
  • psb – Unlocks all 24 powers.
  • tdetect – NPCs will no longer detect you in stealth.
  • tcai – NPCs will no longer target and attack you.
  • tcl – No Clip. Allows you to move through walls and other objects.
  • tfc – Toggles freefly camera, allowing you to fly around.
  • kah – Kills all hostile NPCs in the vicinity.
  • passtime [hours] – Passes the 
  • specified number of hours.
  • showlooksmenu player 1 – Opens the character creator.
  • tm – Toggles the UI on and off.
  • setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed 1 – Make all speech challenges automatically succeed – there is a mod for this too.

Note that every section of a console command that is wrapped in [square brackets] denotes a section where you must add the relevant word or phrase you want, based on what you want the cheat to do.

Console Commands to Pay off Bounties

The following commands will instantly pay off any residual debt you have amongst the factions of Starfield. Also, note that it will take the credits from your inventory, so it’s best to pair this command with the infinite credits cheat for optimal use.

Console CommandDescription
player.additem f [value]Infinite money.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 [faction id]Pay Off Bounties for a specific Faction.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 10B30Pay Off Bounties to the Crimson Fleet.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 638E5Pay Off Bounties to the Freestar Collective.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 26FDEAPay Off Bounties to Neon Industries.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 22E53DPay Off Bounties to the Trade Authority.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 5BD93Pay Off Bounties to the United Colonies.

Player Console Commands 

The following Starfield console commands center around player experience and can help reset things like skills, traits, and backgrounds.

Console CommandDescription
sexchangeChanges your character’s gender to the opposite sex.
player.additem a [value]Infinite Digipicks.
player.setlevel [value]Sets your character to the specified level.
showlooksmenu player 1Opens the character creator, allowing you to change your appearance.
player.removeperk [perk id]Removes the specified skill, trait, or background.
setraceSets the passed in actor’s race.
player.setav health [value]Sets your maximum health to the value input.
player.setav speedmult [value]Put any value above 100 and increase player’s movement speed.
player.setav carryweight [value]Increases maximum carry capacity.
psbUnlocks all 24 powers.
ssetforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed 1All speech challenged automatically suceed.
player.killKills the player character.

NPC Console Commands

The following Starfield console commands can be used to manipulate NPCs within the Starfield.

Console CommandDescription
killallKills all NPCs in the vicinity, even non-hostile ones.
kahKills all hostile NPCs in the vicinity.
resurrectResurrects the targeted NPC.
killKills the targeted NPC.
forcedbleedoutForces the bleed condition on the targeted NPC.
taiFreezes nearby NPCs, effectively turning their AI off.
tcaiMakes all NPCs passive.
tdetectNPCs will no longer detect you in stealth.

How to Add Any Item to Your Starfield Inventory 

The following Starfield console command will add any item to your inventory in the game.

Console CommandDescription
player.additem [item id] [value]Spawns the specified item in your inventory.

Simply, replace the [item id] with the specific eight-digit number associated with the item and the [value] section of the cheat with the amount you wish to have.

How to Enter God Mode in Starfield 

If you’re looking to explore the cosmos as a powered-up demi-god that even Zeus would be proud of, using the God mode command will essentially make you invincible and give you unlimited ammo to boot.

Console CommandDescription
tgmGod Mode. Makes you invincible and gives you unlimited ammo.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Starfield Console Commands 

How do I enable cheat console?

To enter Cheat Codes, you must first open the Cheat Console by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC or Mac, while in the game. This will bring up the cheat dialogue box where you can enter cheats

How do you cheat money in Starfield?

If you’re playing on PC and want to use Starfield console commands, use the ` or ~ key (region dependent), then enter the following: player. additem 0000000f 500000.

How do I enable console commands in Starfield?

To start using console commands in Starfield you first have to bring up the console itself by pressing the ‘`’ Grave key on UK keyboards, or the ‘~’ Tilde key on US keyboards. This should be below the ‘ESC’ key on the top left-hand corner of both UK and US keyboards

Can you use Starfield console commands on Xbox?

No, console commands are typically limited to the PC version of games, and they aren’t accessible on Xbox or other console platforms. So, you cannot use the Starfield console commands on Xbox. 


The Starfield console commands and cheat list are like having instant creative power in your control. You can build your own adventure and transform regular occurrences into amazing supernatural spectacles. However, the console commands are only available on the PC version of Starfield. So, if you’re a PC gamer, this is an opportunity to transform your gaming experience.

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