Monday, November 11, 2019
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Facebook Face Recognition Now Available to all Users

Facebook face recognition now refreshed in a better way, not as it was when introduced first in 2017. Facebook announced via their blog on...

What is face recognition on Facebook and how does it work?

Facebook just announced the recent update on the face recognition feature. Face recognition is used to analyze the photos and videos facebook think...

OKAYAMA Electric Generator Review and Price

OKAYAMA Generator is a new generator brand in Nigeria with good qualities. More competition for popular brands like Elepaq, Lutian, Tiger, Honda,...
Samsung galaxy a30s

Samsung Galaxy A30s Complete Phone Specs, Review and Price

First was the Samsung Galaxy A30, and it wasn't bad, yet still never perfect. Now, the Samsung Galaxy A30s, the model referred to as...
Artificial intelligence

Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, introduced by John McCarthy says: “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.
Samsung galaxy a50s

Samsung Galaxy A50s Complete Specs, Review and Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A50s was announced in August, 2019 as being a similar version of the Samsung Galaxy A50. Even at that, Galaxy A50s still...
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Airtel Whooping Data Prices (Get 1GB-₦200, 2GB-₦500, 4GB-₦1000)

September just Got better with Airtel's taking the lead on cheap data plans. This has been working for a few days now and am currently...
lg nano cell tv

LG NanoCell TV Complete Specs and Price in Nigeria

NanoCell is a cutting-edge screen technology that uses nano (extremely tiny) particles to boost the picture quality offered by LCD. NanoCell filters...

Samsung Galaxy A80 Complete Specs, Review and Price

The Samsung Galaxy A-series, now a smart pick in Samsung galaxy smartphones. A lot of impressing features they come with, though after...
Bluetooth and USB Tethering

Bluetooth Tethering & USB Tethering: How to use

A similar-to Wi-Fi hotspot software in smartphones known as Bluetooth Tethering. Many have asked what is Bluetooth Tethering in smartphone settings. Now see...